Magic Band Help

We were at the World in March.

I want to use the same Magic Bands.

They are listed as active but I’m not sure how to link them to my current tickets.

I’ve been through the website and I’m sure I’m missing something simple.

As long as your tickets and Magic Bands are all showing up in your MDE account, everything is already linked. It’s the account/name that matters, not the specific band.

I have more than one listed as “active.” Does that mean they ALL work?

What is weird is I only have the one set that I purchased through the Disney Store.

Yes! I have multiple colors, and bring them all on trips so I can coordinate. :slight_smile: They’re interchangeable.

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Well that is super nifty! Thank you!

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I have 3 Magic Bands from my previous trip to WDW. 2 were limited editions. I am going back to WDW in Sept for my 50th and I am receiving another one because of the new reservation. On my MMB it has all 3 active Which one will be the official one that I can use? Confusing…

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You can use them all, they are all linked to your 1 MDE account. I have multiples, and wear a different one every day.


Thanks Wahoohokie :grin:

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