Magic Band - funny names?

Has anyone ever customized their magic bands with funny names or an inside joke?

We are NY Giants family, so I did these for the second half of our split stay.


We often use random names on our MBs. My DS usually picks a Star Wars character (Dark Side of course). I put ‘vegetable’ on my husband’s one time because his name is Cale and we tease him a lot and call him vegetable (yes, I know he spells it differently but still).


Sorry, I know this is a family forum but I saw the perfect shirt in a magazine for my DH! The shirt said “I prefer my Kale with silent K.”


No, but DH commented the other day that he looked all of his last year and they are all different. Some I used ‘Daddy’ some I used ‘Dan’ and one I used ‘Boyo’. All red (he does not like to go out of the box), but all had different names. I suppose that was my way of mixing it up for him since he will only pick red!

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My DS wouldn’t even put his nickname on and both he and DH clearly thought I was a lunatic for wanting to put anything other than our proper names, so that’s what we did. Boring!

Alllllll the time!

DH and I have one set. His is green and says “the money” on the back, and mine is pink and says “the buyer” on the back.

Of course it just shows our names when we tap in for a FP. I was kinda bummed! LOL.

We have an absurd sense of humor


Sure, girls were princess names one trip, son was Olaf, I was Sven.

Next trip, after some annoying pre-trip discussions I wanted to make DS14’s name Karl, but I wasn’t allowed. :wink:

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Just want to say go big blue.

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My husband orders red every single time. :roll_eyes:

My DH is feeling quite smug right now as I am reading him the responses - he always picks yellow. Maybe this time we can go a little crazy with the names. I am sure my DGD is up for that as she is a child with many names. Her name is Lincoln and her nicknames are - Link, Abraham, Olaf, and LJ (at the moment)

Ok, what is it with these husbands always wanting the same color?!?!

They like what they like and they don’t care about colour coordinating their outfits!


My DH actually ordered a different color for this trip! He wanted (but isn’t getting) a black one. The Unofficial Guide lists black as one of the free options but it’s not. :cry: