Magic Band Food Purchase Billing Question

Good afternoon, quick question, I am using Capital One Venture card miles to pay for our stay at the WL. Capital One allows you to use your miles for travel related expenditures like hotel, flights, and car rentals but it does not allow you to use them for restaurant purchases. My question is, if you use your Magic Band at restaurants (I believe you can do this but I am new to this so correct me if I am wrong) and the purchase gets charged to my room will I get one bill at the end of the trip that lumps everything all together? My hope is that if I use the Magic Bands for all purchases it will be coded as hotel and I can use miles for the whole thing.

Yes, you’ll get an itemised bill either printed out if you check-out in person, or emailed to you. But it’s paid as one single transaction.

So I would think it would count as “hotel”!

Mine showed up as “hotel” for everything I charged to the room, including those paid with the MagicBand. But every (non-DDP) mobile ordering purchase was “restaurant” since it charged directly to my card (a Visa card) and bypassed the hotel. My Visa account shows just one lump-sum number for the hotel charges, not itemized. The hotel gives you an itemized bill, but that’s not what the credit card company sees.


Not that this applies to the original poster’s question, but prepaid meals (i.e. Cinderella’s Round Table) get billed as a general marketing charge and not a restaurant. (I bring this up because the Costco Visa pays 3% on restaurants, but the prepaid CRT meal only earned me 1% because it wasn’t charged as a restaurant.)

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