Magic Band, DiningPlan, and Charging Privileges

Ok, we have a group of 12 (6 adults, 3 “disney adults” a.k.a. teenagers, and 3 kids) on three reservations with dining plan.

How does magic band work with dining plan and charging privileges? Specially, with the counter-service & snack credits and whether the adult tied to reservation has to be with disney teenager/kid to use the credit. Do they just have to know the PIN code to use the credit? I’m not worried about table-service credits, because we have all reservations together. But I can see us splitting up with kids for lunches. Thanks in advance.

For each Magic Band you can designate if they have charging privileges or not. Anyone that does will have their own unique pin that they can pick. So as long as you can trust your kids to not use the charging permission to buy up all the Mickey Ears in MouseGear, you can give each of your kids the ability to “pay”. If planning on splitting up, you’ll need to make sure at least one of the kids has that ability obviously.

Can you have different credit cards linked if you are in the same room? How do you do that if you can? Thanks!

You can set up different credit cards at the front desk, but make sure you check it is working as there are lots of reports of everything being charged to the original card. Everyone will be given charging privileges automatically so if you don’t want someone to have them, you need to sort that out at the front desk too. Yes everyone just needs to know the pin to use dining credits or charge to the room, no adults needed.

I can vouch for that!! Shared a room with my sister, set up different credit cards and different pins for our bands. Imagine my surprise when I get her $300 OOP spend on my credit card!!

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