Magic Band/Dining Plan Etiquette!

More of a behavorial question than a functional question, but I haven’t quite found a comfortable happy medium for when you wish to pay with your MB (and moreso, when on the dining plan paying for a meal, but I digress…)

So, picture the scene, you’re awaiting to receive your well earned Dole Whip (for avoidance of doubt, yes, I could have used mobile ordering, just roll with it…:joy:) and I’m using a snack credit with my MB.

At this point, I sort of gesture with my wrist and the cast member will likely say something relative to credits or dining plans or both.

Is it just me, or do you feel kinda awkward pointing to your wrist (in a non-showy way) that this is my method of payment. I’m not sure how else do it bar that way. Seems a bit rude just to flash the band at the device without a word, too, but I’d never do that.

How do you offer your wrist? :wink:

I just say I’m using a snack credit.


You would need to tell them whether you want to use a snack credit or just charge it using your magic band anyway.

So I would just say “I’d like to use a snack credit” or “May I charge it to my room please”.

Followed by “Thank you kindly, my good man / woman”. And of course do a little bob. If I were a man I might doff my hat and toss a dime in their direction, but that would be vulgar coming from a lady. :wink:


During our last WDW visit in May, at the end of almost every transaction, I was asked how I wanted to pay, and I paid by Magic Band and PIN.

I just say, “I want to pay with my dining plan/magic band.” Most times the CM would ask first. I don’t think it’s rude to gesture or say you want to use your band. Being upfront so that the transaction goes quickly I imagine is most appreciated. I am with you that it is a little awkward and it takes a bit of getting used to.

I do an interpretative dance at the cashier. Works every time!



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“On this please” indicates MagicBand If it was a card or my phone I’d do the same thing but wave a different item