Magic Band + delivery

Hi, I am curious about the new Magic Band+. Ordered ours on July 27th. Mine is a popular one, Partners, while my wife’s is 5oth anniversary Cinderella Castle Peach color. Going back to the World 20th of Sept. Think we will have them by then or no?

You would think they would have to know when people have reservations and would need to receive these. I’m in the same boat and will be there starting 9/11. I’m just keeping an eye on them and hoping they eventually move from In Progress to Shipped with a tracking number.

I’m 9/9 and we ordered launch day. Not shipped yet.

Ordered with the resort reservation on drop day - still processing. I arrive 8/20.

I did order one through ShopDisney and got expedited shipping on it, and it is already here, so I do have one. I’m not going to be thrilled if the resort one doesn’t come before my trip though and might end up fighting for a refund/doing a charge-back since I’m not sure when I’ll be going back.

I ordered on launch day for an 8/12 arrival. My order still shows “in progress”, so it’s looking like I likely will not get in time for my trip. Unfortunately it automatically defaulted to the ship home option and there was no way to choose to have them shipped to the resort, which I would have done for peace of mind if it had been an option.

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I wonder if this is a good sign… I just checked mine on MDE and there is a picture of the band now. Previously there has not been a picture, but it hasn’t been the blank area that looked like a placeholder (ie: not the dotted square that often happens online where the pic is just not showing up).

Sorry but mine have been pictured and show in progress

It was a thought.

I ordered the Be Happy one on July 27 and it’s showing that it shipped on August 2. On the other hand, I ordered a set of regular MagicBands for an October trip at the same time and that shows as In Progress.

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This reported on the DIS boards (though why they are calling for their brother, IDK…)

“My brother checks in in a week and has not received his bands. I called the help desk and they said they are preparing to ship, and once he receives a tracking number, if it seems like the bands won’t arrive in time, he can call back…
*If the bands they selected are available they can place a new order to be shipped to the resort.
*If the bands they selected are not available, he can request a refund.”

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Yep! That sounds like Disney.