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Hi there.
We are Canadian and we are not eligible to get magic band on discount on the app it doesn’t work in Canada. We got magic band back In 2017 and we got rid of them cause we didn’t know it would still work. Do any of you know if free replacement are offered or if we can get discount? Disney told me to ask front desk.

Thank you

You can’t get a free replacement, you can buy one in the gift store at your resort though. It’s possible the front desk may give you some kind of discount but you shouldn’t bet on it.

If you use a VPN to appear as if you are in the U.S., you can probably order the discounted magic bands online and they will be sent to your resort. Sometimes it crashes when I try that though.

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Echoing what @missoverexcited said. It worked for me last year using a vpn on the website.
For the address I put in the name and address of the resort.

But some people have found that doesn’t work. Worth a try though.

It’s never asked me for an address. I’ll never understand how their IT works differently for different people, or on different days.

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Magic! :wink:

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I see that I can order on Disney shop however shipping USA only. Do you guys know how to ship into the resort? I read that I should see that option to ship it to resort 6 days prior to vacation.

Put a US Shipping Address on your My Disney Account (I have a friend in the US, so I use hers) …can be any adddress.

Then click on Choose Magic Bands from your Resort Booking. Change the website to the US version as it will default to Canada if in Canada.

You can now choose magic bands. DO NOT ship until you are in the send to resort time frame. (6-10 days out I believe)

You can then pick them up at the resort when you arrive.

Same thing for me, I used to be able to buy my pre-arrival MagicBand even if there was a notice I could not because I lived in Quebec ( something about english-only website not approved in Quebec, go figure, everybody is on Amazon or ebay!). This tome, nothing works, I just gave up and will buy one upon arrival.

time not tome!!