Madhouse at the mouse house

It looks like Disney is going to be lifting the blockout date restriction for Florida residents with select 3 & 4 day tickets. Valid March 19 through April 1st. Are they serious? They’re taking in the Easter/spring break crowds and adding Florida residents into the mix? Are they that desperate for money? They’re going to create a type of chaos that will ensure people will never want to go back.

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It seems as if they must think the crowds will be much lower than in the past. I have seen a few targeted offers for these two weeks (resort discounts as well).

So strange since they are offering extra fpp to people if they will agree to stay out of MK until 4 pm ir so.

I hope crowd levels are lower than past years, for strictly selfish reasons.

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Likewise. It seems like spring break weeks are spread out throughout the month of March. I guess it’s not one particular week where half the country descends into Orlando.

We were there all last week and enjoyed nice crowd levels, up until Friday. FP+ was our saving grace on Saturday, as we got to ride all 3 mountains, Haunted Mansion and Buzz Lightyear. But the crowds on Saturday were RIDICULOUS! It was packed!!! I can’t imagine adding even more people.

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I think Saturday always seems to be like that these days!