Made wand holders instead of packing

We leave in 18 hours. Bags aren’t packed, house isn’t clean, don’t even have groceries yet. But I made these cute little wand holder house ties for DD15 & DD12. :joy: ADHD at it’s best. I drew in the fake wands.

Original creation, not even something I found on Pinterest! Wish I was a better seamstress!:woman_shrugging:t2::joy:


OMG, what a GREAT idea!!! I love the house ties turned into wand holders.

@Shmebulock have you made something like this?


Same function, different design…

I got a few positive comments in the parks :blush:

I love those though @carihunt. That’s a very clever idea :bulb:
Well done :+1:t2:


Oooh, yours holds your map, too! I like it! And thank you!


We bought ones on Etsy that are felt backed & house fabric striped and hang around your neck (I am NOT crafty and props to those that are), but this design by having the holder look like the house ties is ingenious.

You could sell these on Etsy for sure.


I remember now that you made a wand holster, but I couldn’t remember what it looked like, thanks for sharing the links. How did it work in the parks?


It was great, although we only used it one day.
I used it in combo with a bum bag (fanny pack) so it was nice and hands free :open_hands:t2::laughing::+1:t2:

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Excellent use of your time. I say that sincerely.