Macaroni & Cheese - NOT for kids

My ADR date is coming up here in a few days, but I found something missing…

DS20 and I have a thing - when ever it is on the menu, we order and split the Mac & Cheese. We’ve actually ranked the M&C offerings we’ve had. Now that I’m getting ready to make out ADR’s next week - are there any M&C offerings that are a must do? Jiko used to have one, but I’m not seeing it anymore - however I know the menu there changes. We’re not purists, lobster, truffle, baked, BRING IT ON. So, where can we find the best grown up Mac & Cheese at WDW?

The Friar’s Nook has delicious Mac N Cheese with BBQ on top. It is a quick service stop, so no reservation necessary. Conveniently located in Fantasyland (Magic Kingdom).

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I did not ask for it last week but Jiko has always allowed you to get the Mac and Cheese with the filet. I went to Homecoming on Monday and substituted the potatoes with Mac and cheese. There was a two dollar up charge .

And was it worth it?

Yes, it was very good but my family also enjoyed the mashed potatoes with gravy.

Now you’re just TRYING to make me hungry :slight_smile:

The “mac and cheese” at Germany in EP - you can get it as a snack at Sommerfest (I think it’s also on the BG buffet). Very rich.

I have to do this

Both versions


We have an ADR in June! Cannot wait.

@theprewitts I’ll also give Friar’s Nook a thumbs up for the pot roast mac & cheese. This is enough for DH & I to share as a snack. As far as consistency goes, it’s a bit on the runny side.
I have to give props to the Lobster Mac & Cheese at Hollywood & Vine. Haven’t been there in a couple of years, but this was loaded with lobster and pretty darn good.

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Looks. SO. Good!!

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Nothing like starting Saturday morning with food porn…:sunglasses:


Artist Point has fantastic Maytag Blue and Tillamook Cheddar mac and cheese - we even make it at home.

A few years ago, we moved 4 times in about 9 months. Each time to a smaller place. I kept culling cookbooks with every move and Back to the Table has been one of the few to survive. My DH loves the pickle recipe from there. They taste just like his grandmothers pickles. So there’s some great love for AS in this house and Homecomin’ is on the must do list. Your pics just toppled the scale over. I never eat chicken on the bone (phobia) however I could totally make a meal of mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes & gravy and biscuits. I won’t, but I could :grin: and I have, so I might, but I’ll try not to.


I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. We’re staying at YC, so I have a feeling this might mean stepping out for a mac n cheese run at some point.

We stayed at WL in '15 and ate at Artist Point 2x and neither time did we get the mac-n-cheese. I think this was before the obsession started. We weren’t planning on going back this trip, but now I’m temped.

I seems to remember that the truffle Mac and cheese at Yachtsman was good. I had it a few years ago.