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Oh, and Scottish pubs have pretty specific rules around kids being present? Some only allow kids certain hours and some require you to take a meal (and apparently some even require it be entrees, not just appetizers). Some have the info on their websites, but some I just picked up it could be an issue from the TripAdvisor reviews.

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If we’re going to talk restaurants then what do the boys like?

In general the cafes at places like the museums will sell stuff like filled rolls and soup and so on. And there are cafes aplenty for lunches.

But for dinner, I guess Howie’s in Edinburgh is known for it’s good Scottish food. But with little kids it might not work.


There is also one place on the High Street that I love which does Scottish cuisine, called Dubh Prais. I’ve taken friends there and they loved it. But it’s tiny, in a basement, so needs booked. And I think it could be even less kid friendly in terms of the menu.



I second Howies, but haven’t been since having kids.

DH has been to Dubh Prais, but I haven’t because they’ve never had a table when I wanted to go, so certainly needs booked in advance!

Been chatting to DH about this and it seems that there are a million (like at least 20) unique restaurants around Edinburgh and Glasgow that we could recommend but we’ve never been with the kids. As it turns out that I can’t think of many places we’ve taken the kids that isn’t a chain!! :scream::scream: I will have to fix that going forward.

They’ve been in a great steak restaurant in Glasgow called The Butcher Shop. It’s fab.
There’s also a lovely restaurant next to Stirling Castle called Hectors that they’ve liked.

This is making be realise I need to take the kids out to better restaurants!!


The sacrifices we must make as parents! :laughing:


Some light reading from last night! So exciting to have two potential trips on the long horizon!


My boys like pretty typical American food I guess? Miles will eat pretty much anything and has expensive taste. He begs me for sushi and steak! Carson is younger and does tend toward more typical chicken and pasta. We have an easy time in Germany because they will never turn down a sausage. If we do picnics we would just get a bunch of fruit, meat and cheese.

Those menus you sent actually look delicious! They could split an adult burger or steak and the kids menu had mac & cheese. (They are not specific about colors/brands, thankfully.) And we eat a lot of salmon here so they’re familiar with that and flaky white fish. And they love chicken pot pie! (I’m guessing this is a winter menu though.) But we could very easily eat at Howies! I’m much less worried about finding food that they’ll eat then us looking like obnoxious Americans bringing slightly rowdy kids into a nice restaurant.

Now, would I like Haggis? Obviously, I’ll try it, but is it something people normally like?

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Yes! :yum::yum:

If in doubt, get it as a burger topping somewhere. If you don’t like it you can always just scrape it off and eat the burger.

Or maybe try a chip shop takeout at some point and get it deep fried.


Our family all enjoyed it. The haggis we had vaguely reminded us of Cajun boudin if you’ve had that. I think Haggis has oats whereas boudin has rice?

I really enjoyed the Rick Steves Audio Europe app. I listened to a bunch of those audios in prep for the trip. Some were more planning type info, but some were more historical background, and I flagged several that I knew DH would find interesting to listen to while we were driving in Britain.

For instance, the Ancient Britain II talk includes Hadrian’s Wall, so we listened to that on the drive the day before visiting. Oh, and Hadrian’s Wall is another fairly kid-friendly site on the way to or from Scotland. It’s actually a number of disjointed archaeological sites. The two we went to were the Roman Army Museum and Homesteads. (I’d recommend that order.)


You can often get haggis as a starter in some form, which would be the ideal opportunity for everyone who wants to to try it, and no big deal if no one likes it.

I will admit I like it with (tomato) ketchup. :joy: It has a mildly spicy flavour and has an unusual texture to it. There is a reason it’s traditionally served with mashed potato and neeps, aka turnip, in that they’re relatively bland.

I honestly wouldn’t worry about taking the boys with you if the menu is doable.


I second Alnwick Castle! I actually lived in the castle while they were filming the first HP movie through a study abroad program at my school. It’s a beautiful area!


Wow!! That sounds like quite an experience.

Ok I know there are lots of Shop Disney fans, but geez just got this email this morning from the National Trust for Scotland and I would like ALL 3 items please!

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I like the sound of the gin :yum:


Ok bumping this up for the locals. I have started my spreadsheet and will get that posted soon. But I got too excited for looking at flats so I thought I would share here. There are too many good ones to choose! I’ve posted my top choices in the order that I like them but am curious about thoughts on location!

  1. Love the exposed rocks and the bustling street appeals to me!

  2. Terrace looks adorable but seems more residential

  3. A little more expensive, but is 3 bedrooms

  1. Location can’t be beat, on the Royal Mile. But one floor above a pub on the High Street in tourist season is likely going to be noisy until pretty much midnight.

  2. Very exclusive residential! We are talking home to some embassies even. I’d forget what they say about walking to Holyrood but you’re close to the city centre, one of the main theatres round the corner, a brand new shopping centre due to open later this year very close, as well as lots of buses and the tram. Some good restaurants near by.

  3. Stockbridge is lovely, used to live there when I first got a job after Uni. But it is at the bottom of the hill with a pretty steep walk of 10-15 minutes up into the city centre. There are buses though.

My preference would probably be #2 with #1 a close second. You don’t actually need 3 bedrooms do you, it’s just the 4 of you coming, right?

I assume #1 has double glazing though. Just not sure with the boys at that age being quite so much” in the action” so to speak.

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Oooh, thank you for the feedback! We definitely don’t need 3-bedrooms and I never would have been able to find out about that hill. I really, really like #2. The little patio just spoke to me and it seems very cozy. DH of course laughs that “of course she likes the most expensive one” but they are all very reasonably priced! I will think about the noise level. My kids aren’t light sleepers at all but I am lol!

Turns out that I can’t book anything until 365 days before anyway. Now I’m working on dates and how many nights, etc.

You all mentioned a 3 way split between Edinburgh, “West Coast” and Skye. I’m also thinking that Glasgow does deserve some more attention. Where do you suggest specifically on the West Coast? (I haven’t researched the West Coast as much as I should yet.) Should I do Glasgow as a day trip from that location or Edinburgh? Tentative sketch below:

6/3/2022 Friday Arrive Scotland
6/4/2022 Saturday Edinburgh Greyfriars Kirkyard/Arthur’s Seat
6/5/2022 Sunday Edinburgh Royal Mile/Museums
6/6/2022 Monday Edinburgh Boat trip along the Forth
6/7/2022 Tuesday Edinburgh Castle and family whiskey tasting
6/8/2022 Wednesday Edinburgh Childhood museum
6/9/2022 Thursday Edinburgh Stately Homes
6/10/2022 Friday Skye Travel to Skye
6/11/2022 Saturday Skye Linlithgow
6/12/2022 Sunday Skye Kincraig
6/13/2022 Monday Skye Inverness/Culloden?
6/14/2022 Tuesday West Coast Travel to West Coast
6/15/2022 Wednesday West Coast Loch Lomond
6/16/2022 Thursday West Coast Islands
6/17/2022 Friday West Coast Coastal Towns
6/18/2022 Saturday Glasgow Glasgow
6/19/2022 Sunday London Fly/train to London
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Oh, I think when we’ve mentioned “Skye” on this thread, I was thinking Isle of Skye, but maybe you’re looking at the little place named Skye near Glasgow? Or…I’m not sure?

Because you’re showing Skye as a base for day trips to Linlithgow, etc?

Ok I definitely got Isle of Skye, but it’s very, very possible I got the geography wrong. Or even a spreadsheet issue because I was back and forth if I wanted to do Edinburgh/Skye/West Coast vs. Edinburgh/West Coast/Skye.

Ah. If you’re staying on Isle of Skye, you’ll definitely want to spend those days on Isle of Skye. Lots to see there and you’ll lose a ton of time if you try to day trip to the mainland.

I’d see Linlithgow as a day trip out of Edinburgh.

I think you’ll save a lot of travel time by spending a night in Inverness between Edinburgh and Isle of Skye rather than try to make it a day trip to it out of either.

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Ok, thanks! I will need to revisit the allocation of activities. I really think my kids will love the sheepdog demonstration but I am still not sure if we will have the stamina to go all the way up to Kincraig and Inverness. I think that the Isle of Skye via the West Coast probably makes more sense for us.