Lyft or Uber from Epcot International Gateway

Looking to avoid leaving Epcot at closing time with everyone else through the main gate.
We have never tried leaving via the back way and find a ride to POR.
Wondering if too many people do this also and creates a mess there trying to order a ride.

Any thoughts?

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Well, IMHO, leaving “out the back” is preferable to the mass exodus through the main entrance/exit. It might save a little bit of time – like 5 minutes – but it will likely be more pleasurable.

I’ve done it a few times (parked, not Uber’d), maybe three, and I’m not sure it was quicker, but it was less … squeezy.

Tip: Watch the fireworks from UK/France/Morocco to be closest to the UK-France bridge. As soon as the final pop has popped, beeline > Friendship boat to Boardwalk.

Still have to

  1. Board the boat
  2. Ride the boat
  3. Disembark from the boat
  4. Walk up to Boardwalk parking area

… but … I suspect you’ll benefit from there being only a few hundred people in your herd, rather than 5,000. Plus, you can call an Uber when you’re crossing the water and it should be there by the time you get up top.

Good luck!

I have done this many times. I walk to the BC or YC lobby and get Uber from there. I would never take the boat. It is less than a10 minute walk.

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The walk is such a nice way to end a night though. One of our nicest evenings ever was on our April trip when I convinced my family to go the long way around the lake back to IG. Just lovely.

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