Lunch or Dinner for Fantasmic dinner package

I want to make a reservation of the “Fantasmic! Dinner Package” at Hollywood & Vine restaurant.
When I booked at the Lunch time (12:45PM), it presented as “Hollywood & Vine Lunch Fantasmic 1st Show” in my reservation list, but when I changed the time to the 3 PM, it presented as the “Minnie’s Seasonal Dine at Hollywood & Vine Dinner Fantasmic!”.
Dose anyone know the difference between the lunch or Dinner show package?
Different in price or character experience?

The dinner has characters. I don’t believe the lunch does (The menu and price are likely different as well). That is the only difference. It will be the first show for fantasmic regardless of which you choose.

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All 3 meals at H&V have characters.

Disney Jr characters at breakfast and lunch. Minnie at dinner.

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Meant to try and post the link.

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Lunch at Hollywood & Vine switches to Minnie’s Seasonal Dine on May 14th. Until then, it’s Disney Jr.

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You can also book breakfast for dining package. I have a breakfast package at H&V in July.

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Yep, forgot that.

Not only that but you can book dinner too! Because we did, at Christmas.

OP, please ignore my answer.

So the breakfast package gives you seating for the nighttime fantasmic show?


Thanks all, I will be there in late April, since I didn’t join the dining plan. I’m just wondering if there any difference in price of the fantasmic package for BF、Lunch or Dinner?

I finally found the answers,
The lunch is a standard package:
Purchase the standard dining packages (available only for lunch) at Hollywood & Vine for: Adult – $52; Child – $32
The Dinner is Minnie’s Seasonal Dining events, cost $57 per adult and $35 per child, plus tax.
And as you say, the Lunch time is Disney Jr, and Minnie only come in Dinner

My new Question is, if I only can book the early dinner (3 PM), will the Minnie and her friends come so early to the restaurant?

If you have booked Dinner, then you will see the characters. Don’t worry! Depending how busy it is, and how long you stay, you may see them twice.

You’ll find the latest time you can book dinner on the Fantasmic dining package is quite early, 4:30 or 5pm.

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Thank you, yes, I only can book for late lunch or early dinner, and I may only stay for one hour (3 PM to 4 PM).
You think the one hour is enough for meeting the characters?

Should be. They’ll come round to your table, except for Goofy where we had to go up to get the special photo (included in price).

We were there on 30th December and saw all the characters twice within 90 minutes.

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:blush: Thank you so much !!!:kissing_heart: