Lunch after HS EMM - stay in park or trek to DS?

Debating where to eat lunch after an EMM day at HS around 1pm. Could stay in park - which is more convenient - and head back to hotel afterwards. Or make trek to DS for T-Rex followed by some shopping. Have 2 DS 5 and 7. Will they be wiped out by 1pm after an early rise for EMM? Better off to save DS for another time and prioritize rest time?

First timer here so not sure how much extra time will be needed for travel to DS.

I cannot speak for your kids stamina but your question is similar to our plan. We plan to do EMM eat light before (snack) and then have breakfast as late as possible (9:30ish). Then we plan to have an in park snack around lunch time and leave park for DS around 2:30 with TRex at 5:00.

We have twins that are almost 5 so we will have a stroller and likely they will nap in the stroller if needed.

If you get to EMM around 7 am you can go and grab some pastries and fruit before they start letting you into TSL (it was 7:15 when we attended). We then went back to have the real breakfast around 9:30.

Yep. That’s our plan.

At 1:00 you will need to travel to a resort first to get Disney transportation to DS. The buses from the parks only start after 4. I think you should eat in the park or your resort.


I assume I could take an Uber or Lyft from HS to DS rather quickly?

Yes, the last time I only had the choice to be dropped off behind Planet Hollywood.

Thanks. Anyone done Brown Derby for lunch? It has availability. Food should be good but would our kids - 5 and 7 - be bored?

We did EMM at MK and my kids were wiped out by 1pm. We may have been able to do a TS lunch but they needed more of a break than a QS lunch. We left the park and returned to our resort for QS there and pool/rest time. My boys just turned 6/8 the week before our trip so similar ages to your children. I’d prioritize rest time.

I bagged some pastries from the EMM breakfast and gave them to the boys while we were in SB line and that bought us another hour or so but we should have left at 1, we didn’t leave until closer to 2.

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