Luminous - Is opening date a issue for crowds?

Hi all. Planning a trip to December and wanted to go to Epcot in a date where we can see the new show (Luminous), opening at December 5th.

For some reasons, the best date for us to go to Epcot is December 5th itself, but I’m a bit worried about crowds being higher because of the opening. Do you have any idea is this is relevant enough?

I could avoid going on the 5th, but it would demand some rescheduling of other plans, not sure if it’s worth it.

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All the bloggers/vloggers/etc will be there opening night. I would avoid it.

(Specifically for the show, not necessarily the daytime crowds)


I think there is risk on that date slipping (again) based on reports that they have to rewrite almost the entire score for the show from scratch. But, assuming it actually isn’t delayed further, I would assume it to be busy.

I assume they will show Epcot Forever otherwise.