Luggage Tags vs Bagage Claim

Just scored a 5:30 V&A dining reservation for the day my wife and I arrive. We should land in Orlando at 10:40. Our dress clothes and wife’s makeup will be in our suitcases. Should we trust in the luggage tags to have it sent to our room, or collect it at baggage claim? We’ve used Magical Express with no issues, but we’re concern about getting our luggage too late?

To be safe I would get your own bags. I like having my own stuff around anyway and don’t find it that inconvenient. You can still store your bags and luggage check if your room isn’t ready.


I would not take the chance. What happens if your room is not ready until 5?


Thanks that is what we’ll do

No chance of that stuff fitting into a carry-on? I like to keep electronics, and 24 hrs worth of everything in mine when checking a bag.


Your fancy clothes would be in a right state after being squeezed into a carry on.

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I did carryon and they ended up requiring us to check our bags. It was super simple to grab our bags from baggage claim and then go over to DME (which was right there).


I would claim your own bags. Be prepared if your room isn’t ready for you to get ready before your ressie.

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Which airline were you flying?! Baggage claim for Southwest is about 150 miles from DME!

Ok not really. OP will be totally fine getting their own bags.

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Just carry on what you need and use luggage delivery for the rest. It’s not hard at all. I always take what I need the first 24 hours on board the plane.


American. SW doesn’t fly from where I live.

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Totally agree about the Southwest baggage claim distance from ME. On May 4th, my DD19 and I had to lug 4 large check ins, 1 carryon, 1 large purse, and a backpack from one side of the airport to another. (Crazy! Yes–My DD19 had 3 large bags because she was bringing clothes, etc. home from univ.) We tried to follow the map sent by Disney but only a TSA agent waiting in a Starbucks line out us in the right direction. Thank God for airport luggage carts!