Luggage Suggestions?

I need to replace my suitcase. After more than fifteen years of faithful service the 24" rolling bag I’ve been using is no longer able to hold up to the rigors of air travel. I dealt with tears and broken zippers in recent years, but it’s time. Do any of my Liner friends have suggestions for a well-made and reasonably priced replacement.


I just saw this yesterday and really really want it. . obviously don’t have one yet, but seriously considering funding at the preorder level.

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GPS? So you can find your own lost luggage? That might be brilliant!

We’ve got samsonite. They aren’t cheap but are awesome. I bought when they were discounted. Not sure how they price in the USA.

Failing that I would still look at ones with four wheels - so much easier to use when full and easy to handle multiple cases. I can handle four on my own!

Wow! That looks amazing! … now to convince my DH that we need new luggage, too :slight_smile:

Not only a GPS tracker, it has a built in digital scale so you can weigh your suitcase. Just set it up on its wheels, push a button and, viola, you know how much you have to take out to fit in your refillable mugs and the new Duffy Bear you picked up in France (the EPCOT version).

@FlyerFan1973 We are in the same boat. DW wants hard sided Disney bags but I’m having trouble finding the right ones.

Just an FYI- I got the hard case Mickey suitcase (red, looks like Mickey is happily squished inside), and on my first flight with it back from WDW United luggage handlers put a huge crack straight down the side. When I filed a claim, the United rep told me that the plasticky not-as-hard suitcases are awful for flying (who knew? everyone seems to have them!)

@kristenabelle I was worried about that. That’s why I’m struggling. The $200 bag on I’ve seen in real life and it looked…flimsy. We may have to rethink the hard sided thing.

Tough fabric-covered Samsonite luggage has worked well for us, with minor frays in the corners after 10+ years of use. Good luck in your search!

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Thanks for the suggestions. The bag I had was fabric-covered, like @kristenabelle described and it held up well for a long time. I’d be content with the same bag, but the brand (Dakota) doesn’t seem to be easy to find (I see them listed as made by a company called Tumi, but Tumi’s website doesn’t seem to list much in the way of Dakota products).

Good to hear your Samsonite luggage lives up to its reputation, @Quattro. Also good to know the four wheels have been helpful. My two-wheeled bag has been pretty stable, but I guess the extra wheels can be helpful.

@NeedaTurkeyLeg, I’d consider the Disney bags, mostly because they’d be easy to spot on a baggage claim carousel, but not sure I could justify the additional expense (and it doesn’t sound like they’ll hold up as well to air travel). I also like outside pockets and haven’t seen Disney bags that offered them.

All good ideas, so far. If anyone else has a favorite travel suitcase and is willing to share, then I’d appreciate it.


Ebags - I’m obsessed with them. But then, I have a luggage thing. They have hard-sided spinners (four wheels) and your normal durable fabric two wheels. I’ve got three pieces from them and I’m in love with the features and how the suitcases look.

That said - I haven’t actually flown with them yet - they are for our trip to Disney this month.

But the reviews are awesome, and there are youtube videos where people talk about how great they are, so I figure I’m pretty safe. The company also stands behind their products and makes the parts that can more easily break (like the wheels and handle) easy to replace and they will ship the replacement parts.

They come in lots of colors, lots of sizes, and they fit the ebags packing cubes beautifully.

Seriously - I promise I don’t work for them. I just have a luggage thing. We have two TLS Motherlode Mini 21" Wheeled Duffles and one TLS Motherlode Weekender Convertible Junior.

Looked at the ebags site and didn’t find anything yet that looks like what I want and in the amount I can spend right now, but I do like the packing cubes I bought awhile back from them, so I’ll look more closely later on. They do have a lot of choices.


They run a LOT of sales, so keep checking back. Sign up with them and you will get special offers in your email.

I wish you luck in your search - I know how important the right piece can be!