Luggage Recommendations

Hello there! My trusty suitcase is giving up the ghost (or rather its handle) and we’re heading to Disney World in December. I also travel alot for business. Any recommendations on a replacement? Hardside or soft? Brand? Size? Since I’m a chronic overpacker, don’t want one that will go overweight easily but I’m intrigued by the hardsided ones. What do my fellow travelers out there favor?

For my last Disney trip I purchased new London Fog luggage and I love it. So much so that after my trip I bought 2 more pieces from the collection. My sister ended up buying the same line - but while I had bought the soft luggage, she bought the hard luggage. We both are very happy, so I really think it’s just you’re preference. If you’re worried about weight, maybe check the weight of the luggage and let that make your decision on soft or hard shell. Also, I highly recommend 360 degree wheels - no more tired arms from dragging on 2 wheels.


We got some hard sided suitcases with the 360 degree wheels. I love them. They are easy to pack (though I find that using packing cubes does make it easier for me to get things over weight so I have to be careful). My suitcases are also red, so they are easier to spot. Like that. The brand is Rockland. Had never heard of them before, but they’ve held up great. We’ve used them at least a dozen times and they still work perfectly and look pretty good.

I just bought Delsey 25" and 21" hardside suitcases. At 9lb 8oz the 25" weighs a little less than my old Samsonite Silhouette (circa 2007ish) softside carry on and close to 4lb less than the matching 25" softside!

Also, I find that the packing cubes help me to not go over on weight… since I can weigh them individually I can keep a running tally of how much weight I’ve got going in.


Weighing them individually! What an idea. It seems so logical, I don’t know why I never thought of this. I’m doing that next time. Great tip.


Get out a sampling of clothing you’d be likely to pack, add shoes and toiletries and weigh them. Then you’ll know how much you have left for the weight of the suitcase. Remember to add 5 to 10 lbs for the ‘last minute things I thought of that I can’t live without’.

Also, look for a 10yr warranty, instead of a 1 or 2 yr warranty.

Finally, take your suitcase scale with you when you shop. Most have the weight listed on them, but not all.

Personally, I went with a light weight Samsonite I scored at Costco (only had them for 1 week). It’s soft sided, 4 wheels, 28" and weighs 8lbs. I love it.

You said you over pack, but do you need expandable? That might also be a consideration. Not all expand (often not the hard sided).

Also, look for one with a good retractable handle. There are cheaply made ones that will break after a few trips and good ones that will feel sturdy.

I’d also test rolling the suitcase with some weight in it, like another suitcase. It should roll easily, not with effort. I had one that rolled every which way but forward unless I held the handle and had my had on the suitcase to push it. Not fun in a busy airport.

@awspoede it wasn’t until I was trying to lighten up and was going through my toiletries cube to see how much I could shave off there that I thought to weigh just that cube.

@Cindy2016 if you have a Costco or Sams Club membership I would definitely look there, at any rate. Costco, especially, sometimes has a set for what you’d pay for a 25" elsewhere. Also, Kohl’s has almost all of their Samsonite and Delsey buy one get one 1/2 off right now.

We have a TravelPro set and absolutely love it!! They were a gift several years ago but I have been so impressed that I have found them on Amazon and purchased for our DD and DSIL. They have a great warranty and all pieces except for the laptop case have 360 swivel wheels.

Thanks all!

I use and LOVE a victorinox carry-on with wheels and backpack straps (invaluable in subways!). Fits huge amounts of stuff, and my laptop, was spendy but nicest luggage I’ll ever have. Technically carry-on size but I usually gate-check it.