Lower crowds on Sat, July 6 than Fri, July 5 at DL?

The Disneyland crowd calendar show Friday, July 5 at a 6 and Saturday, July 6 at a 3. Is it possible that DL will be less crowded on a Saturday than a Friday? I get that things may be wonky due to the July 4 holiday, but a lot of people have to go back to work on July 5 and it is a weekday. Why would a Saturday be less crowded?

We’re flexible in the day we visit and can do so any day from Thursday, July 4 to Sunday, July 7 since we are local and have an out of town guest. We’re not planning to visit SWGE. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

It is really hard to say why right now. If it was last summer, I could tell you it was due to the AP blockout schedule, however this year appears to be topsee turvy. It appears that they may have done too good a job on controlling the SWGE crowds. It is hard to say if the new ticket situation (APs that are blocked can get in with a friend who buys a $99 park hopper ticket) will effect the crowd levels. I would pick the day that works best for you and hope for the best.

ETA: don’t be afraid of moderate crowds(6, 7 or even 8 CLs). They can actually be your friend. The parks are better staffed for larger crowds and as a result can often lead to a smoother, more productive day.


Everything that @Ms.BarbsWildRide says is :100: accurate. Especially with the wildcard of those being a friend discount tickets that can allow blocked pass holders the ability to have a cheaper-than-1-day-ticket access to get in.

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