Lower AP Pricing?

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Today, I got a push notification from Disney advertising “Halloween and Date Night”. When I clicked, it showed two ticket options - one day and an AP. Of note, the AP said starting at $849. When I clicked, it said sales were only on the website. But there is no sign of this on the website.

So maybe this is an indication that AP pricing will be lower when sales reopen. It makes sense - the pricing had shot up in recent years and you are not getting the full value (like parkhopping) right now.

Anybody else see this?


Is that maybe the price for FL residents? I don’t know what the price for FL residents usually is, but I know it’s significantly lower than what everyone else pays.

The last available AP pricing had the renewal of a FL Resident Platinum Plus Annual Pass at $849.

@Kidboss2 Are you a Florida resident and a current AP holder?

I just received an email from disney about my AP inquiry… when are you selling APs again? They are not at this time, keep checking back, all new info is pushed out through MDE and their Blog.

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I’m definitely not FL resident, so maybe this was glitching and showing FL pricing. One can dream they will lower pricing, I suppose!

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