Low Sunday Crowd Level?

My dashboard is showing a 5 at DL for Sunday June 30 - the rest of my trip is 9’s. Even the same day at DCA is a 9. I’m expecting big crowds but this one day is a glimmer of hope. Does anybody know any reason why this could be projected so low or should I just plan for it to be packed that day as well?

We’ve been that same week once before & it was one of the quietest summer weeks I’ve ever seen. However, with SW:GE, I believe it will be more along the 9’s every day.

As a very broad generalization, Sunday mornings are usually very nice at DL. We love starting early on a Sunday but after about brunch-time when people are out of church the parks do fill up quite full. But if Monday isn’t a holiday they can also get quite thin towards the end of the night. So I would definitely plan to be there early, take a nice midday break & come back rested to stay until close to enjoy both ends of the day.

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similar for our trip in July. Sunday 7/21 showing much less than Monday 7/22. DL specifically showing a 3, CA an 8, for an overall of 6. That Monday shows 10 for each.

also, the Sunday we are there shows as a 5 and Monday as a 10. I have already booked Storyteller’s Cafe was each day, but will only go once. I thought I read that the Monday levels were at least partially based on traffic last year. do we think there is that big of a difference this year between Sunday and Monday, and we should do the longer meal on the supposedly busier day, or that it really won’t matter either way?