Love the Touring Plans Dining Finder!


It just found me an 'Ohana reservation right when I wanted it! Worked perfectly. What a great tool - great work Len and team!


Wahoo! Yay for you!


I had the same thing hapoen earlier this morning, after missing two or three texts because of problems with my phone. I feel like some of the last things for my trip are falling into place - and the reservation finder helped so much! Just awesome. Looking forward to that 'Ohana dinner!


TP reservation finder for dining is the BOMB-Diggity!!! I also signed up through mousedining to try to get a res at BOG (with less than 2 months advance notice, literally impossible any time of day). I got 5 alerts from TP as opposed to 2 from MD. The 5th one was the charm! I was actually available to click on the link in the text finally. I was so happy to get the reservations for my parents 50th Anniversary! Thanks Touring Plans!


I also got a BOG res through the TP res finder!!
Thanks so much for all of your work, TP team!
Now im just waiting for one more dinner res! fingers crossed.


YES! Got a BOG dinner res (after 2 unsuccessful tries when I wasn't fast enough) SO excited. Love this tool!!!


YES!! Thank You TP!!!!

Just improved my Ohana reservation on arrival day (MK early close due to MNSSHP). Now we can use all park time and get all FP+ in.