Love the reservation finder

Bless that tool! DD21 and I are heading to DWD tomorrow and thought we had a reservation at 'Ohana on the 4th as it said on MDE. Turns out it was accidentally canceled and it remained on there as a glitch, fooling us the entire time. I used the reservation finder for the first time yesterday and woke up this morning to a notification for one on the same evening and I was lucky enough to snag it! Love it!


I’ve got a glitch too - reservation I dropped is still showing up with wrong date too! The cancel button never loads though, the spinning loading icon is there permanently. When I rang they said that the reservation number was cancelled on their end. So confusing though!

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which Reservation finder are you referring to? the touring plan app?

Yes the Touring Plans reservation finder. All the paid ones got shut down.

cool just loaded the app on my phone . got quite a way to go but always fun to be prepared

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The reservation finder isn’t on the app, it’s here on the website. If you have a trip set up, it’s on your dashboard at the bottom.

I do thank you

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