Lounge Crawling with Own Vehicle

So, we want to do a lounge crawl around some of the resorts after parks close. Can you drive to the resorts now and get in if you’re going to a lounge or quick service? Or do you need to use Disney transportation? We want to go to the Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, and possibly the Poly.

Reports have been over in chat that you may need a mobile order or reservation at times when driving.


Yes, they will look at your MDE for a reservation… but in my experience they have not looked carefully. However, I have read reports where the guard turned them away cuz they were too early… So… now you know :wink:

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I think you’re more likely to find yourself stuck not getting in for lack of TS ressie than not.

Also - lounge crawling with your own vehicle… do you have a designated driver? Seems unsafe otherwise.



Thanks for looking out for me! I’ll be the only one drinking alcohol and Gregg will be driving. We’re mostly eating, to be honest.


Thanks @OBNurseNH, @ppehap, and @MeetMeAtThePoly!

So, it looks like maybe we should use Disney transportation. Can you still take the monorail to GF? How would we get to WL if hubby won’t ride the boat?

you can take a bus to WL from DS or transportation center… that last bit will need to be confirmed

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No buses go to the TTC. It would have to bus from DS or a park, but given the early park close times that might be tricky.

Also be aware there are reports of even a mobile order not being sufficient to get in, especially at WL.