Lost in the planning of the parks per day

Hi everyone,

We are planning our visit to WDW in August.

Since it is our first time, we are a bit lost regarding which parts we should be doing at each day… should the expected Crowd Level be more important or is it more relevant the opening hours…

Taking in consideration the days, opening hours, crowds, can some of you with more experience give me some advises on which parks to visit?

We plan to take 2 days at MK, 1 1/2 at Epcot, 1 1/2 at AK and 1 day at HS.

Thanks a lot for your help.

First you need to decide if you’re going to use EMH, whether morning or evening or both, and at all parks, or which ones. That may set you up with a few. And after that I just put the days wherever I feel like. I don’t do back to back days in the same park (usually). I never look at crowd levels.

I like to do morning EMH at HS, so that would be set for Sunday. Some people like to start and finish at MK, do you think you’d do that? I rarely start or end there, I usually start at EP. Because I only do 1 day usually at AK I put it near the middle. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to do it.


I agree with everything @missoverexcited said. Answering those questions will help you (and help us help you) a lot!
Also, I think it’s worth noting that according to the CL Watch Thread, the only day that AK isn’t a madhouse is Wednesdays. So I’d do AK that day.

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@missoverexcited My plan is to use EMH in the mornings because it seems to me it is a good strategy, right? For the evening not so sure if the kids can handle… but I was think on using EMH afternoon at EP the day we arrive.
I could use EMH in all the mornings but I’m worried about crowd levels in some of the days… but it seems you don’t take much in consideration crowd levels.

Even though it would be nice for the kids to start and finish at MK I think it would make more sense to start at EP and finish at AK…

@Cgerres what do you mean by that, is AK better to visit at Wednesdays? Didn’t know that.

Thanks for the help.

If you can avoid it, I’d try to skip MK on Saturday. Epcot is the best park for evening EMH in my opinion… Make a good touring plan and the crowd levels will matter less. August is generally a good time these days from a crowd perspective.

Honestly your CLs look good… The difference between a 4 and a 6 isn’t that much…


What do you think about this plan?

Not taking advantage of all EMH mornings though…

Any other opinions?


Yes, it looks like the lowest AK crowds are on Wednesdays.
Here’s what I shared in the CL thread: (CLWatch - Keeping an eye on the new estimated Crowd Levels)
-The slowest day for AK seems to be Wednesday, with Tuesday and Thursday also being ok options. Monday and Saturday are both EMH at AK and Sunday is almost as busy.
Saturday to Monday at AK are hitting 10s pretty often, so I’d avoid those at all costs unless you plan to leave midday.

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Keep in mind FPP scheduling. If you want to ride FOP at AK, then you’ll want to consider putting that day last to increase your likelihood of getting an FPP for it.
Some people tell you to avoid the EMH parks, but I think if you can arrive at 8am then those mornings are gold. Evening EMHs are much harder to capitalize on, at least for my family.
And unless you are planning on staying in the parks through the busier noon-5p periods, and trying to do lots of standby rides during that time, I’d recommend against stressing too much about the difference between a CL3 and a CL6. Use a customized plan and difference will be very minor.


10 for AK :open_mouth:

I plan to leave on Monday around 3pm that is why I allocate AK to that day since I have a 1 1/2 day for AK, the other option would be to do EP on that Monday and move AK for the Tuesday afternoon when I arrive. Do you think that would be better?

My intention is to do the maximum EMH I can… being on the park around 7:30am

Hmmm, that’s tough. AK isn’t a great evening park. The shows are over by 5 or 6 and I’ve heard the safari is best in the morning when it’s hot. So it depends on what you want to do at the park and what times of day you’d actually be there.
If you got there around 2 or 3 and could do the shows then and the safari and hour or two before sunset, that might work out well. And then you’d have an early evening on your travel day.

I think I will keep EP in the afternoon the day we arrive, for sure we will enjoy more, on the morning we leave we will try to do the maximum we can in AK in early morning.

One other thing, since the trip is only in August, is it normal that Disney changes the opening hours until then?


I was thinking the same thing. I started my plans in October for an April trip but the hours changed once already, then EMH’s were added and I’ve just recently read that the hours will change again in the month before our trip. All of this makes planning very difficult.

It does a little… They don’t typically remove hours, it’s usually to add hours at the beginning or ending of a day.

If it still can change more than once I better just wait an start planning again closer to the date they release the bookings of the FPP.

Thanks for everyone for the valuable tips

Hi guys,

One extra question, in your opinion/experience, what would be the best: to do 1 and 1/2 day in AK and 1 day at HS (as I mentioned in the beginning) or you think the opposite is best? What would be the best option to see the more attractions and shows?

I will be going with two kids 12 and 8, so I wonder if they will be more interesting in the rides of HS rather then AK…


I think your original plan is best. There’s more to do and see at AK. Much of what’s there isn’t a ride per se, but still very enjoyable. It takes a little time to slow down and really look around to experience all it has to offer.

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Thanks for your opinion.

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I would make a plan for both… see if you can fit all in one day. See how much time you would need at both. Then pick. The shows are the hard part to These parks since they start at certain times.

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