Lost children... Visitor from UK


Can you offer some advice re the best way to label a child (Id bracelet etc) if visiting from the UK… So normally I would attach my mobile number but usually when we go abroad we switch off roaming etc - would that affect the ability to call me?? And I don’t know how to write out my number so a local person could easily dial it

I’m sure I am just being thick and someone more techno savvy can advise me!!

Do you get email on your phone? If so, I’d put your email down as contact info.

Be aware that Cast Members will not move or remove clothes to find identification numbers. Shoe tags are a good alternative or on their MB. CMs also hold found children in place for at least 10 minutes before moving them. All CMs are highly trained in lost child recovery.

It is not lost children, but rather lost parents.

If you are going to be here for an extended stay maybe you wish to consider one of those disposable phones:

I have never done it, but to have something for such an emergency might be good.

Elaine is correct. CM will keep child in area that parents were lost for about 10 minutes and then they are usually taken to Baby Care. Security, Guest Relations and Managers are all notified when a parent is lost. So, if you re-trace your steps for the last 10 minutes and don’t see the child, head to Baby Care or Guest Relations and look for Security along the way. All can help.

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That’s good to know