Losing my love

On the chance that I may be verbally accosted - I have now officially lost my love for WDW. I have been a hardcore WDW for years - and have always gone into planning a trip with my eyes wide open. I plan, re-plan, etc for months - and I have always loved “the hunt”.

However this time around it has continued to be hit by disappointment. Now I am not one of those that believes that unless this or that happens my vacation is ruined. I feel very blessed that I have a happy family and a few extra bucks that allows me to indulge myself and my family for a few days.

That being said - I just tried to book BBB for about 170 days out and the available times are almost non-existant. Now - is this going to wreck our vacation - NO. Will my little princess survive - YES. Was it something that I wanted to do to just add a “little extra” - sure. This was also to make up for the fact that so many rides will be closed - we won’t go to Studios (or whatever it is called now) as there isn’t anything to do there. I guess I have never planned so much and hit so many walls that - we now are basically doing WDW out of default. I am looking forward to enjoying the pools and other things more than the parks itself. Looking forward to Universal and Seaworld much more than WDW. I guess it is just sad that something that I had loved so much is now something that I am at best, indifferent. Still going, still going to have a great time I am sure- but this will be it for a very long time.

don’t get too down yet! the trip is still 170 days away - lots of stuff may open at BBB even though it is annoying to have to call than check appointment availability online. The word is definitely out on Disney planning. You aren’t the first person to say they have been going for years and that planning is getting tougher and crowds are getting bigger. Have fun no matter what happens!

You’re not alone. I’ve been MANY times, and have pretty much “done it all” The last trip was kind of the “bucket list trip on steroids”, and quite frankly, until the new "lands"start opening, I don’t have a driving desire to go back. I don’t have a countdown, and it doesn’t really even bother me that I don’t. I’ll be in Orlando for a conference in Dec and plan to check out a few of the resorts I’ve never seen at Christmas,and the new things in DS - but I’m not really all that disappointed that I won’t be doing any of the parks. Going back to DLR is actually higher on my list than going back to WDW.

Thanks - no certainly will have a lot of fun - but don’t have the same enthusiasm that I once had.

It’s been 5 years since we did all the parks. We did parties and enjoyed resorts, but parks galore can get old. My kids even convinced me to cancel our last Christmas trip! So, now we are going next month, and we are far more excited than we’ve ever been about a trip. Taking a break and doing only little things here and there was just what we needed. Over Christmas, I expect lines, crazy crowds, who-know-what-temps, and we are all still excited. The last big trip we had, we all drove away thinking we would never return. We had a blast but wanted to do other things more than go back. After a few years, we can really get excited again. After this, I will wait several years for new openings again. I need new lands! Not that I’ve done everything, just that I’ve done everything I WANT to do so many times over again. :wink:

I agree - but I think the
1 - Rising crowds (NO - not so busy time)
2 - Cost
3 - Decrease in service and quality
4 - EXCESSIVE planning

Have all led to it losing its magic. I hate that i have to plan down to the minute what I think I may want to do 180 days out (and I am a PROJECT MANAGER).


I agree. We just got back from Disney last Sunday(11-8-15) My husband and I stay off site, at a condo. I had old tickets that had to be exchanged in person when we arrived. We had no problem with that. We had absolutely no FPP for our trip or dining resvs. We arrived at openings and got on everthing we wanted. In my real life I’m on a timeclock, 7-3 mon-fri I don’t want to have to plan every minute of a vacation 6 months in advance. and it does keep getting more expensive. I still love going, I just don’t know when we’ll be able to go again

This time we are paying a lot with CC points etc - so in real $ it isn’t so bad - but if I priced the whole thing out - it would be $8,000. Which is a lot. It is literally less expensive to go to Europe.

Then why aren’t you choosing a different type of vacation? (This is not meant to be snarky but I am genuinely curious!)

^^ Egkleinmann
You are absolutely right!! And I am not taking it as snarky as I might say it to someone else myself. In a nutshell - the kids really want to go. Now I have usually been the DISNEY NUT - but this time they really wanted to go - so we are going. But that is a great question and you are right - I have many other choices - so I guess - “if I don’t want to go why do I” - to which " I guess to a certain degree - I just am venting" so I thank this group for allowing me to do so

Haha - well, try not to focus on the negatives since you know you will have a great time no matter what! I went crazy trying to over-plan our first trip and had to take a step back. Like I always say, my kids get excited for a trip to the supermarket so Disney is literally a fantasy dream world to them!
We are going again at the end of Feb but will probably take a break from Disney for a while. My kids are still so young (5 and 2) so we can’t keep spoiling them at such a young age. Hope they like camping! Lol!

Totally agree. They are such good kids - but are so thankful and appreciative that we go. I do think however this will be the end for awhile. We loved taking them at that age - but it is also fun now that they are older!

I think I heard that either the Swan or Dolphin has a boutique now? Something to look into…

Sorry- it’s at the Grand Floridian.

^ cool - I’ll look into that - thanks!

There’s some type of boutique at Four Seasons as well.

I thought I posted on this thread but I must of just thought about looking for the into. I heard about the 4 seasons on a podcast. I hope this link works: http://www.fourseasons.com/orlando/spa/magical_moments/