Losing an hour on Christmas Party Nights?

It looks like MK closes at 8 instead on 9 on nights of the merriest after hours events? Our 2 MK days are both party nights. But we will not be attending the party. Do you think we should rearrange our days? Will the fireworks still happen on party nights?

If I understand it correctly, the Magic Kingdom will have two firework shows the night of the Christmas parties. I sort of confirmed this by trying to book a dessert party on the night of a Christmas party and it was available for booking.

Thanks. Wonder if the fireworks are early those nights?

Looking at a few dates in Nov on Disney’s site, the Enchantment fireworks are consistently at 8:00 pm, on nights with and without the VM After Hours event. MK does close an hour early (8pm vs 9pm) on the VMAH nights, but the pyro stays at 8:00 pm.

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Thanks! Now just need to decide if 1 hour at night is worth moving my days around…

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If you were planning on watching the fireworks it’s even less than an hour too. ;-). If that helps.

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We did move our MK day to a non-party day. I just think that after about 7PM or whenever they let the party people in, the viewing for the fireworks is going to be insanely busy with party folks going in and setting up for the fireworks. (We are going to the party, and that’s my plan-- to go straight to line up to watch fireworks when we get in at 7P on our party night).

Yes, I was worried about that as well! If we were going to the party, that would be our plan as well. Thanks

Right- and my kids who will be at the party will 100% be hitting up rides while I stand there for the fireworks show. I would imagine everything will get very busy at that time on party nights across the boards.

Good question. We were planning on going to MK on some days with the party but maybe we should re consider that. We will not be attending the party.

I noticed this on Halloween Party nights

I was afraid of that.

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