Looks like Reflections DVC Resort will be first WDW construction project canceled due to Covid 19

It is being reported that construction is stopping on the new DVC resort.

Have they started selling for this location yet?

No it typically doesn’t sell until near completion.

I kind of assumed that would be the first to go as I don’t even thing they’ve even done much site prep work yet.

Here is an picture of the site from last week,

I didn’t realize that they had gotten that far.

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One story I read said they were getting ready to start on the concrete for the foundations when work was stopped.

Personally, I’m glad it’s stopping. This is classy and elegant, but there’s no theming. There’s nothing “lodge” about it!

At least it wasn’t as bad as this gaudy eyesore we were spared from on the West Coast:

Back to the drawing board, Imagineers. You’ve got to do better than this. We are not the Radisson.


I agree wholeheartedly, but that’s the contemporary Lodge look, and I don’t like it either. Around here, we call it “Mountain Modern”. It’s common in new construction in the trendier resorts like Jackson, Big Sky & Aspen.

But yeah, give me a log cabin and some Old Hickory furniture, any day!

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Ok that makes a little more sense. But I still don’t like it. Honestly it looks like the cheap Hyatt business inns that I sometimes stay in when I travel. I hope this phase ends and they return to something a little more fantastical.

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This gives them time to try to sell Riviera when they open back up and figure out if the resale restrictions are really harming DVC sales.

Well, quite frankly, it fits DLR better than the “Lodge” fits its location. And lets face it, DLR hotels don’t necessarily tip the scales on unique. GC has a beautiful lobby, but the rest is nothing special. DH is nothing more than a couple of towers surrounded by beautiful grounds. Paradise Pier is the single ugliest hotel on a Disney property, with NO grounds, a tiny lobby, and a barren roof-top pool.


Ok you got me there on DLH and PPH, but to be fair those were built a long time ago and purchased by Disney after the fact. But GC is the best! It’s one of my favorite resorts anywhere. The beauty and tranquility extends far beyond the lobby. And where else can you walk right out into a theme park from a special entrance, and also be within walking distance of a second park? Only BC rivals it on that front.

My sentiments exactly. The other thing is, it’s not really a classic or iconic style, like the Boardwalk (late Victorian) WL (National Parkitecture) etc… It’s just contemporary, the popular thing right now.

Even the Contemporary is no longer really contemporary, it was not contemporary when it was built. It’s Space Age/Midcentury modern. To their great credit Disney recognized that before the style became really popular (i.e. before Mad Men :wink:).

This… it’s not a style- not yet. All you can say is that it’s modern, and maybe no one will even like it in 30 years. If that’s the case, it’s not a classic, it’s just old.

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Agree x1000. This is just… SO generic. It looks like it could be any generic hotel in any generic city. Bleh. Pass. Use the time to brainstorm something cooler and more uniquely Disney.

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I wonder how this pandemic situation will affect this. Maybe not much impact in normal times (i.e., 1,000 years ago :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). But now…

The resale market has been doing interesting things. Prices took a good dip at first, and Disney has not “taken” anu contracts since April. But fewer people are selling right now so that has helped keep the floor from dropping out.

Without the parks or cruises being open, DVC sales have been on hold. I am curious how effective these sales are going to be in newly reopened parks with social distancing.

Also, I think any economic hard times makes people skeptical of buying something that might be hard to sell bbn in a crisis. The new restrictions would be a “no go” for me, except possibly if I was buying at the new DLR.

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