Looking to rent points at Poly for 3 nights in Jan 2023

I’m looking to rent points for 3 nights at Poly in January 2023. Please PM me if you have points that you are willing to rent.

We tried David’s but they don’t have any Poly points available at the moment. Not sure if we should wait in the queue and chance it. Recommendations?

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I would wait in the queue until you can secure points from another source, then notify David’s that you are backing out. They can often get points for you, but it can take months. I don’t know how in-demand your rooms are for your dates, but it’s possible they could be gone by the time David’s gets points for you.

ppl can book at 11 months out for their home resort or 7 months for all others. I looked and that month is wide open so ppl aren’t giving up points for rent… yet. I’d keep looking/waiting.

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I am currently in the queue for a couple of nights at the Poly in December to add on to another trip. Its a shame that the availability is there they just don’t have anyone with points.

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I’ve never rented points from someone, but I assume you have to wait for the DVC owner to make a reservation and then put their reservation up for rent… is that right?

You rent the points and they make the reservation under your name. Places like David’s are the middle man between the renter and the owner of the points.


Oh, thank you!