Looking forward to reading some 'trip reports' Please post

I always enjoy reading everyone’s trip reports but I am more interested since Universal has reopened.

So if you have anything to right about (good or bad) then start a new topic and let us know how it went.


We just arrived today! Check into Hard Rock around 3:30, got our tickets (military tickets can only be done at park gates, not at hotel), meandered City Walk and spent the night at the pool. I’m currently waiting in line at Toothsome’s for our to-go milkshakes :slight_smile:

Will hit USF for early admission tomorrow morning and try to grab some Hagrid’s VLPs!


I am overdue for a trip report from my Nov 2019 trip. Maybe I can work on that sometime soon, now that my kids are done with remote learning…we did both WDW and UO.


I eagerly await your report. :globe_with_meridians::roller_coaster:

Didn’t quite make rope drop for Early Admission at USF(arrived around 8:15am), but were able to do all the spells/find hidden features/explore shops in Diagon Alley easily (either no waiting, or just waiting for 1 person to finish). Gringott’s was down, so we’ll have to circle back later.

We grabbed 2 VLPs for Hagrids this morning at about 8:50am. Came over to IoA via Hogwarts Express at 10am, knocked out Suess Landing while we waited for our Hagrid’s time slots.

Now we’re finishing lunch at Three Broomsticks, then will hit the spells in Hogsmeade, Forbidden Journey and Flight of Hippogriff.


So they opened VLP’s before 9? That is good info, thanks!

Are you having any issues with wearing masks in the heat?

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Not really an issue, but we got lightweight UV gaiters from Amazon that the kids tolerate quite well (kids are 8, 10, and 13). I was really worried about the 8yo, but he’s handled it just fine.

Water rides kept us cool today, and we did check out one of the U- rest areas where you can hang out maskless. At IoA it’s a giant covered amphitheater (team member said it used to be the Sinbad show that was discontinued a couple years ago?), so nice and cool out of the sun and huge - very easy to spread way out. We only sat there for a few minutes - checking out the show scenery that was interesting.

Universal staff have been super awesome, helpful, and patient. They are definitely enforcing the masking. Our ET ride stopped for about 10 seconds while they told someone to put their mask back on :slight_smile: overheard a dad complaining about a different staff member reminding his kid to put his mask back up…


Hagrid’s is the only one we need (we have Express Pass), so I don’t know if they open all of them early or not. Hagrid’s has been opening VLPs around 8:45, and dropping more times later in the day. We’ve had zero issue getting multiples in a single day.


Hello, is the express pass line still open ? I have hotel express pass for September and I can’t find any informations :confused:

Thank you

Yes! Express Pass is still working, lines are open.

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What a great news ! Thank you !