Looking for update on rope drop for FoP

I am hoping to find out about more recent rope drop experiences at AK for FoP. We are there on a Sunday (11/4) and it says crowd level 2. I am a bit skeptical about that crowd level? The park opens at 9 am, will 8 am be early enough to get in line? Will we have a chance to ride? Kids are 9 and 11 and great at walking fast. Do you have to pass as many people as possible before you get to the tree? It looks like the path turns into the line after that?

Thank you!

My DH and I just rope dropped FOP on 10/21. It ended up being a CL 5 day. We got through security and were standing in line by 7:55 AM. Around 8:15 AM they let us through the tapstiles and we were stopped by the bridge. We did not run but we definitely passed/weaved around people. At 8:30 we were lead into Pandora from the bridge. We never stopped walking until we were right in line toward the preshow. I think we were on the second round of riders. We were finished by 8:55 AM! Went straight to Navi…it was down for a few minutes but we waited and were still done with that by around 9:20. It all went very smoothly!

We also RD FOP on 10/21. Uber dropped us at AK at 8:04am …and we arrived at the FOP MB station at 8:33am. When we cleared the park entrance, we did the military jog, one behind the other, and passed dozens and dozens of people. Some laughed, some were pissed, IDC LOL! We were not running willy-nilly but we were most definitely jogging. At the bridge, we were the last row of people with feet on the bridge.

We RD FOP on Friday 10/26. Got to bus at WL at 735, bus arrived at 745 and then…they took us to pick up more passengers at Contemporary (only time that has ever happened to me). Arrived at AK, through bag check and tapstyles and heading to FOP at 830 (30 min later than we’d hoped). They had already let people past the bridge when we got there. Arrived at the queue at 836. We walked continuously through a snaking queue outside the attraction and then passed under the stand-by line indicator, which said 90 minute wait at 845. The line moved quickly. We really didn’t stop moving until we were inside. Not sure exactly what time we got out but there was a 210 min wait posted when we exited. Based on photo evidence, we were already in line for Dinosaur at 930 and made it to EE before our FPP window ended at 1005.

ETA CL was a 5

The previous posters had much better RD execution but at least my experience shows all is not lost if you are delayed (or hijacked to the contemporary on the bus). We were a party of 3 adults and this was a much more pleasant experience than RD of SDD the day before (wowza!).

Just read this article on rd FoP