Looking for transportation resources

Is there some sort of catch-all resource for transportation information for WDW? Approximate times on how long it takes to get around using the various modes of WDW-provided transportation? I’m trying to guesstimate travel times for our upcoming trip, i.e. how long to get from AOA to MK and AK using bus transportation, how long it takes to get from AOA to HS and EP using skyliner transportation, how much time to budget to do a few circles on the monorail, etc. I know wait times are always up in the air, but there must be something, somewhere, right?!

thank you!

I also plugged a lot of things into Google maps to gauge walk times. The mass transit option was fairly accurate on monorail and bus transit time from what I could tell, so the combination of the two was good for “in motion” time and then try to factor in “wait time”.

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good plan!

This can help you sift through the various transportation options