Looking for this one and other cute casual dresses for parks!

Does anyone have some good suggestions for comfy/casual dresses that wold be cute to wear in the parks? I usually wear either wear stretchy jeans (depending on weather), activewear or shorts w/ Nikes, but I do have a pair of super comfy flats that would go well w/ some casual dresses/leggings etc…I love some of the ones Sarah on Disney Tourist Blog wears, like this one, anyone seen it or have good suggestions on where they’ve found some comfy park-going dresses?


I recommend sparkle skirts. They are comfy super cute and stay modest when climbing in or out of ride vehicles. https://sparkleskirts.com/products/swingstyle-redminitechtoo?variant=22002323780


Did you see their article addressing basically this question? They mention some specific stores she shops at there: What To Wear To Disney World - Disney Tourist Blog


Yes I did! I’ve looked there too and found some cute stuff. Was hoping to find the polka-dot Minnie-ish one in particular! She wears such cute stuff to the parks.

I found a 50’s style polka dot minnie dress on E-bay.

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I really like the lularoe Carly for park travels (it’s their swing dress). I’m not a sales person or anything, I just like them. I don’t have any of the ones with Disney patterns, but there are a lot out there.

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Modcloth has cute retro styles, too. I can’t access their site here in Spain, so I’m not sure what they have now, but might want to keep an eye out there.

Hot Topic - my sister has got some really cute Disney dresses there - if you are smallish

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I, too, love Carly’s! Their Disney ones are adorable and I plan to rock some of them on our next trip!

The Brave Little Tailor on Etsy has some really cute dresses and skirts.