Looking for the most efficient way to spend my day

I’ll be in the World from Sep 10th-16th. I’m spending my first 5 nights at Caribbean Beach and my last night at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

My original plan was to visit DAK on Wednesday the 13th as the projected crowd level is a 2, and spend Friday at Universal, after checking out at CB and returning to AKL that evening.

But now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t visit Universal on Wednesday and save DAK for Friday, since I’ll be staying right next to the park and AKL is just about as far as you can get from Universal on Disney property.

The only thing is that the projected crowd level at DAK on Friday is a 4 as opposed to the 2 on Wednesday. Would the shorter commute be worth the higher crowd level? Or am I overthinking this and should I just stick to the original plan?

It would make sense to pair AK and AKL. A far ad distance to the interstate goes, the difference between CBR and AKL is probably just a matter of a few minutes…


Don’t think it will make a significant difference either way. Yes a few minutes - but nothing huge

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I think I would save the AK day until I was at AKL. It is a quick trip if you want to check out the room and then return to the park.

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