Looking for the best fried chicken at WDW!

OK so does anyone know where I can get amazing fried chicken at WDW? Other than 50’s Prime Time (we have another res on both our HS days and I don’t think we’ll fit it in).
We LOVE the famous fried chicken at Plaza Inn in DLR, eat it each time we go and are hoping to find something similar at WDW, have never thought to look over all the years we’ve been going though. Looks like HDDR might have some but not sure if we will be doing that dinner show.

It’s not in a park, but Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ in Disney Springs has amazing fried chicken. We went for the first time in September and it was probably my favorite meal of the trip!


Trails End!


Second Homecomin’. It was delicious!


I’d bet that HDDR gets theirs from the same kitchen as Trail’s End. I can verify that it was crazy good.

I doubt I’d make a special effort to get to TE for the fried chicken, but if you were gonna do HDDR, I think you’d be VERY happy with their yardbird. I ate myself silly. The sides were trash, except for the mashed taters and cornbread, but that chicken…I’m smiling just thinking about it. I’d guess they have the same WDW recipe at 50’s??

HDDR has excellent fried chicken. But you can’t beat Art Smith’s Homecoming. The portions are enormous (three pieces of chicken, plus mashed potatoes and a biscuit!).

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Homecoming’s chicken is probably the closest to the awesomeness that is Plaza Inn chicken at Disneyland.


And that is what I’m looking for if at all possible! :smiley:


I just introduced some friends to Plaza fried chicken over the Weekend. I don’t eat fried chicken unless I am there! Good to hear there is a close proximity at WDW.


Are you telling me that you completely eschew Mrs. Knotts Fried Chicken?

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that The Plaza is excellent. I just happen to think that Mrs. Knotts has a slight edge.

And even if you wouldn’t consider Mrs. Knotts to be a better Fried Chicken, it’s certainly also excellent.

I have never had Mrs. Knott’s. You have my attention, please tell me more!

Mrs. Knotts Fried Chicken restaurant literally was the reason that the amusement park known as Knotts Berry Farm exists.

Many moons ago, when Walter Knott had a farm in the town of Buena Park, his wife used to sell Fried Chicken from a small restaurant by the roadside… which started to garner lines of people waiting for a reservation. While they did add on to the restaurant (several times), in order to keep the attention of the guests waiting for a table, Walter Knott went and scouted several old towns that had become deserted, upon which he modeled the ghost town that were the first attractions of the modern day park.

In addition to the Fried Chicken, the Knott family was noted for the berry that Walter discovered on a farm in northern California (which was almost dead at the time) that had been hybridized by a man with the last name of Boysen. Walter brought the few remaining plants back to his farm, and grew Boysenberries (as he called them) there, which would be served in pies and jellies in his wife’s restaurant.

Mrs. Knotts Restaurant is still there, on the edge of Knotts Berry Farm, and while outside the park itself, sits in the shadow of the roller coaster known as GhostRider.

When I’m in SoCal, the only reason I skip Mrs. Knotts Fried Chicken is if I can’t make the time to get away from Disneyland - and I consider the Plaza to be a reasonable substitute. But you can’t get the Boysenberry pie or a Boysenberry float at the Plaza.

11/10. Would completely recommend you try it.

ETA: I have also been known to order seasoning packets and make it at home. Because YUM.



I have only been to Knottsberry farms once, when I was 5 or 6. I may have to take a side trip to check this out! We love the jam and it is always stocked in our fridge. Thank for new excursion in my future!

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I’m glad I’m not the only person who still calls it this!