Looking for input on my 2 MK days

My wife and I will be heading down to WDW for our kids first visit (DD 3.5 y/o and DS 13 months old). I have been to WDW many times without kids (last visit 4 years ago), but I’m finding planning with kids to be much different. Mine Train is the only MK ride DW and I will go on which our kids cannot ride so no Mountains on this trip. My parents will be there for part of the trip too.

I recognize that with young kids, I may need to adapt my plan on the fly, but I still want to start with a solid plan.

Any input on my plans for my 2 MK days would be appreciated.

We are Bay Lake Tower and plan to mostly walk to and from MK. The FP+ and ADR noted in the plans are already booked.

MK Day 1 - - CL4 and party day so MK to close for us at 6 pm
-Eat breakfast in room
-Arrive MK around 8:40 am.
-Watch Let the Magic Begin Show
-Between 9:00 am and 10:15 am: Dumbo, Barnstormer, Under the Seas, Small World in that order

  • Head to Enchanted Tales with Belle for our first FP+ (10-11)
  • Head to Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh for our second FP+ (11-Noon)
  • Leave MK at 11:20 and walk to Contemporary for Noon res at Chef Mickey’s. How long does lunch typically take at Chef Mickey’s?
  • DD and DW walk back to MK after lunch. DS and I go to room for his nap.
  • Head to Meet Cinderella and Elena for our third FP+ (2:10-3:10) - Is the timing ok with our Noon res at Chef Mickey’s?
  • Fantasyland rides/attractions until 3:45 pm
  • At 3:45 pm head to Castle area for Mickey’s Royal Friendship Fair
  • Leave MK around 4:45 pm and walk to Contemporary for dinner at California Grill at 5:30 pm.
  • Head back to room to get ready for bed

MK Day 2 - - CL2 and party day so MK to close for us at 6 pm
-Eat breakfast in room
-Arrive MK around 8:40 am.
-Between 9:00 am and 10:30 am: Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Magic Carpets, and Haunted Mansion in the order

  • Head to Peter Pan for our first FP+ (9:55-10:55)
  • Head to Mine Train around 10:50 for second FP+ for DW and me (kids will be with my parents)
  • Go to Caste Area for 11:30 am Move-It, Shake It
  • After Move-It, Shake It, DW and DS will walk back to resort for lunch in room/nap
  • My parents and DD head to meet Tiana/Rapunzel for their second FP+
  • Lunch in park
  • Around 1:45 pm, get a seat for 2:00 pm parade
  • After parade, head to Tomorrowland Speedway for third FP+ (2:30-3:30)
  • Fantasyland/Tomorrowland rides/attractions until 4:30 pm (People Mover, Railroad)
  • Leave MK around 4:40 pm and monorail to Grand Floridian for 5:30 res at Grand Floridian Cafe.
  • Head back to room to get ready for bed

Additional Notes - We are eating breakfast at CRT on our Epcot day so we will be back in the MK for breakfast only on a different day. Depending on how she feels, I may take DD to HAE on our last night at WDW (not a party night).

Do these plans seem feasible in terms of timing? Am I trying to fit in too much? Or too little? Anything I left out that you would consider a must see/do for a 3.5 y.o girl?