Looking for firsthand Fourth of July experience

Okay, so I am probably a crazy person, but want to see July 3 and July 4 at WDW. So going this year from July 2-9.

Looking for firsthand experience from liners. I know to do the MK fireworks on the 3rd so planning that. Talk to me about what you experienced. I just did CL 10s on MLK weekend this year - so apparently I can handle a crowd, but still trying to figure out what I’m in for.

I cannot help with later in the day but I have been in MK on the 3rd and the morning of the 4th. I found that crowds started building the late afternoon on the 3rd (up until then crowds earlier in the week were low). I booked the dessert party on the 3rd and I was glad I did. The crowds on the 4th were manageable when I was ther, but very high.

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We’ve been to both 4th of July at MK and MLK day at MK.

The crowds are manageable early in the day. As nighttime comes, it gets busier than you can imagine. MLK doesn’t come close.

Avoid the hub. Fireworks are visible from most reaches of the park. We were getting off of Monsters Inc Laugh Floor with the intention of going to the bridge to Tomorrowland for the fireworks. At about 7 o’clock, the walkway out of Tomorrowland to the Hub was closed. CMs advised that we go to Storybook Circus, which we were dubious about. Turns out it was basically empty and we had an amazing view of the fireworks.
There is no projection show on the castle - so no “need” to really be on the Hub.

It also rained for about an hour, delaying the fireworks. Many people bailed. We had rain jackets and stuck it out. It was worth it. When it was over, we had about the easiest exit from MK ever. Now, that is only our experience and due to weather. If it is a perfect night, it will take a while to leave the park.

We saw people at our resort the next day who had small children and had to leave when the fireworks were delayed. They said their little one even got stepped on. They were in the crush of the Hub. I can’t stress enough to avoid the Hub.

Fireworks were absolutely amazing.


I am definitely considering the dessert party. Have never done one before. It is just DH and me. Where does it put you for HEA viewing? Do they pack you in?

I am considering this too. I want the perimeter firework experience, which from what I’m reading seems to be possible from many places since you don’t have to see the front of the castle for this show. Did you notice anything strange about perspective from back there? Ex: watching HEA from the side means bursts aren’t quite lined up correctly.

There are two viewing areas. The terrace and the garden view. The garden will be more crowded but no where near the rest of the hub.

The 4th fireworks are my favorite. One night in Trader Sam’s we were able to spend a few hours with the fireworks crew (dreams do come true) and they answered every question we could think of . The crew chief said the 4th was his favorite. He also said that they are specifically designed to surround the hub, so if there is any way you can see them from there you should. The fireworks go off all around you and are timed with the music. It is an amazing experience!

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No weirdness. What sets these fireworks apart from the nightly ones is that they are going off constantly and from different places. There is a 360ish effect for some. Some were directly overhead. I’ve seen a video from the Dis too where they were in Frontierland. Also awesome location.

That is awesome! And man, maybe I will camp out for a spot in the hub. We’ll watch from CG in the actual 4th so might be worth getting in the thick of it on the 3rd. Just two adults so at least I don’t have to deal with kiddos in the crowd.


First hand experience on the 3rd at MK and it was no problem at all. Crowds weren’t too bad and with a good TP we had a great day. Fireworks were amazing!!! We did not do a dessert party and had no problem finding a good viewing spot on Main St. to watch. We definitely felt in the middle of the 360 show but were not in the hub. Best fireworks we have ever experienced. Went to AK on the 4th because they didn’t have a special 4th evening show and had a great day with a not bad crowd experience. Never tried MK on the 4th so can’t speak to that. I think I did see a note in the latest blog post about CL updates that because the 4th falls on a Th. this year they are anticipating a larger than previous year crowd for the 4th.

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Thanks! I’m fingers crossing that people will travel on the 3rd since the 4th is a Thursday and makes for a typical long weekend. Hoping that will keep the crowd on the 3rd down a bit.

I think this does mean Saturday will be crazy everywhere (please Sunday let up a little!)

I´ve just looked and there are no dessert parties available for the 3rd July at MK

Saw that as well. I’ll likely check back strategically, but will probably just stake out a spot with DH and settle in for a bit of a wait.