Looking for feedback on visiting WDW in January

I'm back! Looking to start a clock on our next trip! I was all set to do Jan 31-Feb 6, but Touring Plans crowd data is wildly different from other sources. Has anyone gone during this time? Is it crazy. Keep in mind we went for the first time last September with 1/2 crowd days, can I survive a bump up to a 5-7?

No running events that weekend. It's before Mardi Gras. The only "holiday" I can think of in there is Groundhog Day. Not sure what is driving the higher crowd levels. I think that time of year should be fairly light crowds. Standby waits will be a little higher than the 1/2s you've seen before. I would go for it. You know about FPP and are up on the latest info by virtue of being a Liner. Go for it.

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When did the Anna & Elsa stuff start this year? Could that be driving the crowd numbers a little?

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We are there for 3 months every winter, and that week has always been one of the quietest. I'm ignoring the new projections as I don't see any logical reason for the increase in crowds.

We have gone the last week in January 4 times, and the crowds have been wonderfully low! I am hoping this January is the same. I really don't know why the increase in the predicted levels. Easywdw still has the last week at mostly 2's and 3s.

We have gone the week of January 4-11 the last two years. the crowds were great, the weather can be a little iffy though. We loved it!

MLK weekend is our normal weekend, things aren't walk ons but waits aren't horrendous either.