Looking for feedback on VIP semi private tours of both parks in 1 day. Worth the pric? Was it interesting& how much time was dedicated to all things Potter?


Please share your experience. My husband & I will be @ US & IOA for 2.5 days & hope by booking this activity we'll have a better shot if experiencing HP in detail. Staying @ HRH.Thanks very much.


I had just the express pass on a level 10 and was able to hit most everything in both parks and on a single day. Once I had Gringots out of the way, pretty much smooth sailing. Even Gringots was easy because I lined up early and took advantage of early entry. Sorry no experience with the VIP tour.


The VIP tours are fantastic! I've done them many times. If you just have express, you can see all the big rides on a busy day with little problem, but the tour will give you a ton of inside trivia & first rate service. Plus, only the tour can skip you past the lines for the Potter rides. Especially if you are visiting during a peak time, the tour is expensive but worth every penny.


Thanks very much for your reply.


Hi. Wow. Thanks for your detailed reply. I agree & my husband and I took the semi private on Monday 11-3 for 2 parks. It was Sooo worth the price. Our guide, Shawn, was a font of detailed knowledge which he shared throughout the 7+ hours of the tour. We had 12 experiences, went front of the line, including Wizarding Worlds (both!) & at a fairly relaxed pace. Highly recommend this tour. Thanks again for your reply.


How did you book this semi private tour?


You can book it online at Universal’s website.

I did the tour last year. It was excellent in many ways, but I wouldn’t do it again. With an Express Pass, I’m not sure it’s necessary.

That being said, it helped give me a good sense of the two parks and where things are. And you do go directly to the front of the line on every ride — there’s no waiting. Of course this means you miss out on some of the queue theming.