Looking for advice on getting from MCO to Universal

We have a large family 4 kids ranging from almost 2-year-old to a 10 year old plus my wife and I. We will also have probably 3 normal size suitcases and a double stroller. We need to get to Cabana Bay from MCO would a suburban from like Tifanny’s or Meers be big enough to carry us all?

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We’ve got 3 kids and have always found that 2 regular Ubers/Lyfts worked best in terms of cost and ease.

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thats what we plan on doing once on property just nervous from the airport we have never used uber/lyfts from the airport.

The complication for using rideshare is the need for carseats. I struggle with this as well. It’s particularly an issue if you are going to a park (what would you do with the carseat?)

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agreed last time we just bought the travel booster seats because my kids were older but now I have a 2 year old so that wouldn’t work. I checked out tiffany’s car service and they allow you to add on a car seat/s but I am nervous about the luggage and stroller.

I don’t have a family to juggle, but I take Lyft from MCO all the time. The pick-up is directly outside of bag claim. If you are OK managing multiple cars & etc… the pick-up is a breeze!

Yeah that’s why we ended up with Mears for WDW. I’ve not heard of something similar for UO. Could you travel with a super compact stroller (I like the GB pockit) then rent a bigger one if needed?

I wonder if bringing car seats for all and getting 2 Uber XL would be the least expensive option.

Don’t some Uber cars have car seats? I only need one for my youngest my older ones are old enough to not need one although I would rather them have one but we live in NY and have been in taxis plenty of times with kids and no car seats. In the past when we rented a car we brought 3 car seats that was a huge task but the cost of rental cars and now having to pay for parking couldn’t see wasting that kind of money. I also read an older post about a bus service that went to universal kind of like magical express any reviews on that???

I have signed up for that service but we aren’t taking it until our February trip. Can post reviews after that.

We used Tony Hinds car service to UOR once. It was pricier than Uber/Lyft for 2 people but they picked us up in a Suburban that already had 2 car seats installed in the back. I’m not sure of the current pricing as it was a few years ago. I think you can still contact him by email: aobh607@gmail.com.
Several Liners on the UOR side have used this service, it’s not sketchy. Someone else may have a phone number for him.

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The number I have for him is 407-222-8906. I’m using Tony for my upcoming trip 10/31. I filled out the form online and he quickly followed up with a phone call. He was incredibly nice and by all accounts, people have been very happy with his service. Cheaper than Tiffany or Happy Limo - he’s $65 each way. Pay in cash, plus tip.


I and my wife just took a Lyft from Pop Century to Universal Portofino This last trip. It was amazing. Because of our amount of luggage and size I opted for the XL Lyft or van. They arrived in 5min. and cost $32. Taking Meir’s shuttle service from MCO to Pop was about the same money and we took Univeral Super Star shuttle from Universal to MCO for slightly more money. The problem here was that they pick you up three hours early and make stops at a number of other resorts before heading to MCO. In the future, we will take Lyft from Universal to MCO for less money.

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