Looking for a reasonable hotel day before check in

We check into AOA October 17. We are driving from down from Atlanta, Georgia the day before so we won’t be in the car all day on the 17. We are looking for a nice clean reasonable priced hotel for the 1 night. We are willing to be up to 40 miles away but wouldn’t like any farther. Any help is greatly appreciated. We have 2 young children with us. Thanks

so, we are also staying at a hotel the night before the parks… and I haven’t been to this particular hotel, but we will be (already reserved room) It is a fairly new hotel (just opened in June), but the reviews online are overwhelmingly positive. There were some negative early on after first opening, but they were all related to people purchasing rooms through hotelbooking sites and then the hotel becoming unknowingly double booked, and they had to turn people away. As you can imagine, this kinda upset some folks. But, other than that… all positive since then,
A double Queen non poolside is under $70. A single King room $55
They had a thing on groupon, but I don’t think it was any cheaper than booking through the site online. Odd.

Either way, the price was great, 15 mins from Disney World, super kid friendly. Cold breakfast offerings included in room cost.

Hotel website:

google reviews:
trip advisor reviews:

we will be staying there on the 28th of this month… so if you would like to wait and hear from me after I have actually stayed the night, I will try to remember to update when we return and let you know what we thought first hand!

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We were looking for that and wound up booking at ASSp because it was no more expensive than the others off property, got us in the bubble, and we were able to start our touring immediately in the a.m. after bell services picked up our bags for transfer to AKL where we stayed for the rest of our trip.

I’d love to hear what you thought of it thanks.

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Which hotel is ASSp?

I will def try to remember to get back to you. If you don’t hear from me by Monday of next week… send me a message here directly.

I was wondering the same thing.

While I’m not positive, it would make sense that ASSp is All-Star Sports, one of the three All-Star value resorts on Disney property. @OBNurseNH correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

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that makes sense. Still not under 80$ though, right?

Depending on the time of year and the special offer you happen to get it can be that inexpensive. But, I just did a quick search and right now for the 17th with 2 adults & 2 children the cheapest All-Star room is $135 before taxes, Pop Century is a little less expensive at $123 but still not under $80. Unfortunately, I can’t make any out of the bubble recommendations as I usually stay on property or with friends who have time-shares in the area.

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I stayed here for a business trip and decided that if I ever stayed off-site, this would likely be my choice


Excellent free full breakfast, happy hour with free food - and drinks. And from the hotel parking lot to the entrance to the MK parking was only a 10 min drive.

thanks for all the help. we still haven’t decided where we will stay but thanks for all the options.