Looking for a little more info on Kadani village

Trying to set up my room request and hoping to get some info from someone who has stayed there. So I know I want to request the sunset savannah because of my sons obsession with giraffes but was looking for a little more detail. I notice there is a north and south savannah any difference there? What would be the benefits/downfalls of each? I see north would be closer to the pool but I couldn’t tell if it had parking as well can you park under the north side rooms? Last question which floor do you think is best for the animal viewing? TIA

I just stayed there last month. We were on the side nearer the pool, about in the middle of the hallway, which is quite long, on the second floor. I think a floor other than the first is better for animal viewing, but that is probably a matter of personal preference. We saw lots of giraffes, daily. Parking is under the rooms. Figure out which elevator is closest to your room and park near it.

Someone gave me this link in the past and it goes into great detail on the different areas of AKL best for viewing different animals, especially giraffes. If you have the time give it a listen

thank you so much for the info, We don’t normally stay in the deluxe rooms because my kids actually like the theming of the Value resorts but knowing how much my DS loves Giraffes and I was able to get a really good deal renting DVC points I had to go for it I am just so nervous I am not going to get a good view but with all this info at least I know others have had some good views of the savannah.