Looking for a little help with an Optimized Plan

Daughter and I are planning on Hollywood Studios this Sunday, January 14.

We will have G+, will buy the ILL for Rise of the Resistance, plan to take a break at some point and come back for Fantasmic but are flexible on what that break happens and the optimized plan TP is giving me doesnt make any sense whatsoever.

First, it’s got me obtaining a G+ at 7:05 and then another at 8:31 and even thought I toggle the option on that we are getting the ILL for Rise, it’s got me heading there straight at rope drop rather than Slinky Dog (which is more of what I was thinking we would do)

Should I just ignore the plan altogether and implement my own strategy?

7am - Obtain G+ for Toy Story Mania
7am - Obtain ILL for Rise
8:30 (early entry). -Slinky Dog then head to Runaway Railway via standby.
After Runaway Railway hopefully use G+ for Toy Story then obtain G+ for Tower of Terror. If our return time for Toy Story is later then we can do Smuggler Run via standby.

It’s a but of walking but it’s just me and my 14 year old daughter and we’re both in excellent shape so the walking doesnt concern me all that much.

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Howdy! Can you post the URL for this plan, please? I’d like to take a look at it.

I don’t put that I’m buying G+ on my plan. I just add the times in on the app on the day of and re-optimize. Here is a suggested order to book LLs at DHS based on which typically run out first:
Slinky, MMRR, RnR, ToT, TSMM, MFSM, ASS, Star Tours.

The last three trips to DHS this year (and the last one was a level 9 day right before Christmas), I booked Slinky first (9:15-10:15) and got an LL time in the first hour park opened. Once I tapped in to Slinky at 10:15, I booked TSMM (10:40) which had a return time that was almost immediately. I tapped in to TSMM a9 10:35 (since you can tap in 5 minutes early), then booked MMRR for 11:45. My next LL was for RnR at 1:55. After tapping in for it, I booked ToT for 5:30-6:30. We went back to the room for a break so two hours after booking ToT, I booked MFSR. I could have also booked ASS two hours after I booked MFSR but we chose not to ride it that day. We don’t ride Star Tours.


I re-optimized again a few times this morning and the prompt to obtain another G+ at 8:31 is gone but even thought I toggle the option to buy Rise it’s still slotting it in for standby


The order has definitely helped me but there’s a few things we are trying to weigh.

First, Rock N Roller coaster will be closed.
Second, we plan to rope drop so one of those high priorities will be done first thing

So, the plan would be:

7am G+ - Tower of Terror
7am ILL for Rise of the Resistance
8:30 rope drop order: Slinky Dog then TSMM

Once we scan into Tower of Terror, grab G+ for Smugglers Run OR MMRR depending on the timing

I don’t really think I even need an optimized plan but I’ll try to remove the G+ option and see if that works better- thanks so much

The only kink in the plan would be if Slinky is down during EE. What would be your back up plan? I think Runaway Railway will have built up a wait by the time you get thru Slinky. Maybe rope drop MMRR instead??

I like to secure Slinky as an LL so I know that I can ride it. I do like having TSMM as my next LL so that I can knock out Toy Story Land all at once.

If your daughter is 14, you can do Smugler’s Run as single riders.


If she’s 7, she can ride alone. Under 7 need to be with someone 14 or older.

OP said daughter is 14 that’s why I mentioned single rider.


Ah, yes. I did read that earlier. I guess I was just answering as if her age hadn’t been mentioned. I’ve been bouncing among things, forum and not. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Thanks for the reminder.

If SDD was down, we would just skip it. It’s not a priority for us and ranks well below Tower of Terror and Toy Story. The only reason it is a rope drop priority is because of the long standby lines.

That being said, I’mm seeing G+ availability for SDD for the 11am booking window so that might be an option too should it be closed for EE.

Single Rider is an option for Smugglers Run as well but I don’t mind a 3-40 min wait later in the afternoon or evening. Would definitely prefer to guarantee we do it together if we can and like most kids, she doesnt want to be an engineer =).

So today I removed the G+ option, kept the Rise ILL and added a time slot with a return window at 10am and it indeed had me starting with SDD then Toy Story so I’ll just stick with that and keep G+ totally removed from the plan.

Thanks again for the tip on that. I wish I could include G+ into the plan from the jump but this should work.


Not sure if it was mentioned. TP allows manually inputting of LL obtain time and RT’s that you choose. It’s under advanced options. I suggest using this to anyone that knows the G+ rules and can look at past data to enter an approximate RT.

Update here…I added my G+ for Big Thunder than I booked at 7 (return window at 11:10) and reoptimzed the plan and now it has me obtaining a G+ for Jungle Cruise at 8:19 (which was over an hour ago).

Not much value here in plan optimizing.

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What’s the “start time” of this plan?


Ah. I think this issue might be fixed. Can you re-optimize when you have a chance and let me know?

Thanks Len…sadly, our trip has passed and we’re back home now but hopefully it helps someone down the road.