Looking for a January Memory Maker group

This may be too early, but I’m looking for a January Memory Maker group. My dates are 1/10/20-1/16/20.
I don’t have enough confidence to lead, so am hoping to join a group…

I was planning to lead one, but I hadn’t posted anything yet. My group is going 1/25-2/1.
I led one last time I went, and I have the dummy account all set up from last time.

Fantastic! I’ve participated in two, although it’s been several years, so I’m rusty on it all! And this question will probably evidence my brain fog on it–With your dates, that means I would need to wait until 2/2 to be able to view my pictures?

You would have to wait until then to download your pictures. You can always view them with the watermarks from your own account.

Top secret here, but my son is thinking about proposing on this trip. So, I’d have to wait until 2/2 to be able to post one (assuming a MM photog captures it) on FB, correct?

Yes, if you didn’t take one yourself.

You can wait a see if you can find a group that matches your dates more. I’m pretty sure the January facebook group hasn’t started organizing any yet. There will probably be more than one.

OK, I think I will try to find one that’s closer to my dates, simply because of this possible big news event! Thanks for the link to the FB group!!

I’ve already purchased a MM and I’m going 1/12 to 1/18. I’ve never done a share before, but if you’re willing to bear with me on the questions and issues, I’d be open to it.

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Oh, good!! Your dates are perfect! Let’s share!!

I am interested. My datesare January 26th to Feb 2nd and we are a party of 2. I have wanted to join a share but too nervous too lead.

Your dates match up with mine, so you can join my share if you want.

Thanks so much!!! Now must pay it forward and sign up for the Fairy Godmailer. I sent you a dm.

I’d be interested in a January share too, if there is room! My dates are 1/15-1/20, one adult and two kids.

If you’re OK with our dates (through 2/2), send me a DM with your name and email and I’ll friend you from my dummy account that I use for the share.

I’m interested, my dates are 1/5-1/10!

Your dates match up with the group that @kbiggs joined better than mine. @kbiggs, can you hook her up?

Sure! With eeeevah, katiecolosi, me, and, I’ve got another one interested from FB, this will make four. We just need a leader :grinning:

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I have the instruction book if you guys want it.

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I’m interested to. My dates are 1/4-1/9