Looking for a January Memory Maker group

Can I get a copy of that? I did a share last year and I remember being able to see the MM on my MDE (I was not the leader), but I cannot see it this year. The leader has purchased it and we’re “friends” on MDE. I’d love to see that book and see what we might be missing. Thanks!

Is 1/1-1/5 too early for any of your groups? I can also wait to see on FB. Don’t typically do MM but in Feb my daughter wanted one pic of her and the Evil Queen at AP and I cried during check-out from the cost of one photo download :joy::weary:

Sharing Disney’s Memory Maker (pdf for PC and most devices).pdf (2.2 MB)


It’s too early for mine, but fine for @kbiggs and @katiecolosi if they still have room.

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Thank you!!

Also interested. Have led before, but it’s been a couple of years. Not sure I would want the roll again. Will do out of desperation tho.

My dates are 1/14- 1/21

You can join mine if you are fine with the dates (through 2/2). Send me a PM with your name and email address if you want in.

This is my first post. My dates are Jan 9 - Jan 19. There are 6-8 in my party. I need to educate myself a little more on the process but am very open to saving some money if my dates work with anyone else. I printed the book and will review. Is there anyone left looking for those dates?

Welcome! So far we have two January Memory Maker shares that I know of – one early Jan, one mid to late Jan. I’m running the mid to late January share. The last of our group so far returns home on Feb 2, so the picture download would likely occur on Feb 3. If you’re fine with that and want to join, send me a PM with your name and email address. If you want to try to find or start another group with different dates, then the January Liners facebook group is a great place to look, in addition to here.

Yes, the earlier group is alive, but still working on their organization :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We don’t have it all together like jcgoblue!

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@kbiggs we will be there from 1/1-1/5 and would be interested in joining!

I’ve got an email drafted to our group - we’re just waiting on someone who expresses interest on Facebook to get back to me. So far we have four groups with dates 1/5 through 1/18, so your dates would work with us! @kbiggs helped get it started but I’m “leading” as I’ve already purchased memory maker. If you’re interested, I’ll add you to the message I hope to send out tomorrow!


That is perfect. Please add me to the group and I am looking forward to your email

eeeevah, (love your name, by the way!), thanks so much for stepping up and leading us!!!:clap::clap:

This is my first time to disney since I was a kid. I would be interested in joining a group, but I am not that familiar with how this works. We will be there 1/4 -1/8. Do my dates have to match up exactly or just overlap with the group?

Some of the instructions have since changed since this was written. Downloads are no longer a two step process.

Good to know! Thanks! It’s been two years since I last used it.

They just have to be around the same time.