Looking 4 Memory maker share Mar 2021

I am interested , we are going march 31 through april 5

So, I know I said that I could try to manage a share… but I really don’t think I can commit to it. I would be happy to help someone else do it. I probably have a copy of the pdf that was floating around, years ago.

We’re interested and willing to host. We’re there 3/20 - 3/27. What 4 or 5 groups are ready to commit between about 3/13 and 4/5?

@emcglone @amberlys94 @dsdeleon @oddball @ISUamanda look like the most likely candidates.

Yes. Me! Thank you! Our dates are 3/18 to 3/27.

Sorry! I signed up through the Joshua Todd Facebook group (he runs a mega share).

Yes I’m in!
My dates are 3/26-4/5.

I am still in! Can still host or co-host, sorry for the Delay been recovering from vaccine dose 2.

I’m interested if there’s still room. This is our family’s first trip so I’m pretty green on how this all works but if you’re willing to work with me I’d like to share as well. Our dates are 3/20-3/24

Sounds good. You make 4 groups and I think we have 1 more possibility. 4 or 5 would work well. I’ll PM everyone in the next couple days and start to organize.

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