Looking 4 Memory maker share Mar 2021

My kids and I will be at the parks March 13-19.
Looking for some families to share memory maker. I did this is 2015 and it worked flawlessly.

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I’m interested (our trip starts 3/27), but not committing until it’s closer and I’m a lot more confident we’re going!

We were in a share for March 2020 and lost the $ since the parks closed before we went. Not a huge amount of money, of course, but still…

I am interested too, but I also am waiting to commit to the trip. Ours is 3/26-4/5. We’ll probably decide in February if we’re going or not.

Totally understand waiting. I already booked flights so as long as no travel ban happens we are a sure thing. We can wait until February to buy if you guys want to tentatively plan on it.

I’d be interested, too! I’m in the same boat as @ISUamanda - we lost our money last year, so want to wait a bit longer. (Were you in the share I tried to run? I felt like it was kinda a mess)

Our travel dates are 3/18 to 3/27.

Yes, I was in that share! I think it was just fine given how quickly and dramatically everything changed :slight_smile:

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Well, I have never ran a share, so I might need help there, but I definitely want to be in one.
Let’s see how it works out and hopefully there will be a few of us, because a three-way split makes it super affordable. I know we will be masked in pictures, but it still would be nice to have some and not have to worry about pulling out my phone to get them.

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absolutely interested!! I have done this twice ! ( I’ve never been the group leader tho) March 31- april 6 travel dates. In the past I have just pay pall the organizer. they make a dummy account and we all have the password.

My dates are already booked so I am all in

I think we lock down in February and get set up so it’s ready…and everyone knows for sure.
I have booked flights…so as long as nothing too crazy happens I am in.

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unless the park closes, I am in. with 5 total, that’s only 33.80 each. It’s a great deal. I think the dummy account sends out invites for the other people to join. I was thinking someone on here might know more detail on how to set it up. like I said, I have participated in a couple but never set it up. But I am sure it is easy to figure out. :grinning::grinning:

Did you all finalize the MM share? If you need one more, I’m in! Thanks!

I can be in too! March 4-10

I am out. I joined a Facebook group that organized these…it cost $26 and there is a moderator that sets it up for everyone and groups them together. I was worried about having to be in charge of it.
The only downside is my pics while I am there are watermarked until I get home and download them all.

That’s always true in a MM share (at least in my experience!).

As of now we’re going to go ahead with our 3/26-4/6 trip, so I’m in for a MM share if one comes together! The only reason we would cancel at this point is if one of us gets covid or quarantined.

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I can probably host if you all want, it’s been a while but I am getting in the zone of planning (I.e it’s becoming a part time job) my dates are 3/26-3/30

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We’re still on the fence about going, but DH is leaning more towards yes these days. If you still have room, we’d join the share too. 3/18 to 3/27

I’m interested in sharing, we are going 3/3-3/8. Any room left?

@dsdeleon Are you still interested in hosting a share?

If not, do other folks have one that’s still accepting people? If not, I can try to host, but I don’t have a huge amount of time to manage it…

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