Look what I just got in the mail!

My T-shirt! See? I didn’t even wait to iron it or anything. It is super comfy. @larrielaine did a great job.

Now I just have to wait 2+ years before I actually get to WEAR it! :wink:


Looks great!

As my trip next year is technically my 50th birthday trip, I’m thinking of getting some t-shirts made for it. I want to cash in as much as possible on it being my birthday :smiley:


It looks great (if I do say so myself)! A word of warning for you @ryan1 : IF you do decide to iron it, do it inside out on a cool setting or you risk ruining it! Better yet, just fluff it in the dryer.


How thin is the material? I wear ultra-lightweight t-shirts in Orlando. They’re man-made fibres rather than natural: not sure if that’s better or worse for cooling comfort.

Oh, yeah. We’ll be careful! Don’t want to melt the beauty away. But always appreciate the reminder!

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This particular shirt is super nice and comfortable. Very thin, a nice blend (not full cotton). I can’t speak to how effective it is at keeping one cool yet. Sometimes the blends actually trap heat in more than a full cotton shirt, but the lighter gray color should help. They are better for comfort in general and risk of shrinkage.