Longer Stay, Shorter Tickets

Hello! We are thinking about lengthening our stay at our Disney Resort to 8 nights but only purchasing a five day military ticket. We plan on doing some hard ticket events (late night magic after hours) on the other three days. How will this affect us when it comes time to make our fast passes? Can we make the fast passes for any five days of our stay or how will Disney handle this at the 90 day fast pass window. Would we need to have our hard tickets at the 90 day point, or just our 5 day ticket? Thanks

As long as you have reservations, and the linked 5 day ticket it will let you make the fast passes for any of the 5 days of your stay.

Yes you can make them for any 5 days. I don’t know anything about military tickets so won’t advise on the other part.

You don’t need to have the hard ticket to book FPs. As long as they’re linked to your MDE account.

The booking window is 60 days, unless you’re staying club level.

The only thing to check is that the military tickets are valid for the whole eight days. Since they introduced date-based tickets, they are not all valid for 14 days. Not sure what the validity is of military tickets.

If you are purchasing the military salute tickets for 2019, those are good until 12/19/19. For example, I bought my DH a four day ticket and he used two day on our March trip. He is going to use the other two days for our November trip.
So you can make FPs for those 5 days during the 8 day trip (but as @Nickysyme mentioned the booking window is 60 days unless you are CL).